Natsu battles Gray! Gajeel Gets Ready – Fairy Tail 428

Fairy Tail 428 focuses mainly on the battle which has begun between Natsu and Gray, as they begin to pummel each other however members of Avatar intervene and hurt Lucy giving them the chance to stop Natsu’s rage. On top of which Gajeel joined by Lily and Levy are part of the council who begin to get ready to stop the Purification process by Avatar.

Fairy Tail 428 begins with Wendy as she helps to wipe Juvia down due to the sweating. Wendy is a little embarrassed after seeing how big Juvia’s breasts are. Carla wonders if Natsu and others managed to meet with Gray, to which they then mentions that they are always fighting and laugh about it.

Natsu and Gray smashing and bashing against each other, it seems like a serious fight between them as Lucy tells them to knock it off, Gray asks what he’s doing there to which Natsu asks the same thing. Gray says that he will do what he wants when Natsu tells him that he can’t as Juvia is still waiting for him.

Natsu mentions that he’s also been waiting as he wants to revive Fairy Tail, they need him. Gray tells him to cut the bullshit when he unleashes a large amount of Ice in that little room, Natsu melts it all in seconds. Fairy Tail mentions just in name, and the memories shared, it’s not gone anywhere.

Natsu puts his hand to his heart and mentions that it’s always there, and will be so. Gray mentions that if Fairy Tail is right there, why can’t he just stop pestering him and let him follow his own path. Gray mentions that Fairy Tail doesn’t exist inside him anymore.  Thus he should spare him the phony buddy-buddy crap.

Lucy walks up and slaps him. She shouts at him telling him off how dare he say something like this, she never wants to hear such a thing. However out of nowhere, Lucy feels pain in here stomach. She falls down as Mary appears, she is the happy go lucky girl who asks Gray if these are old friends of his.

Natsu and Virgo are quickly captured by Goumon in chains, even Happy is captured by Abel. Natsu is restrained and isn’t able to do anything. Mary mentions to Lucy if she is hurting, it’s her dark magic doing that. Natsu tries to run off however Goumon just restrains him even more.

Jerome appears with a sword to Lucy’s face trying to stop Natsu from reacting. Gray mentions that he’s always sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Natsu shouts at Gray to open his eyes, he’s been possessed by demons. Gray takes his shirt off and slams his hand on his heart.

He mentions that he’s erased Fairy Tail’s guild mark with his own hands, in order to find the answers he seeks. Half of his body is covered with this dark magic. Lucy, Happy and Natsu get really angry. Levy approaches Gajeel’s camp where they talk about how she had invaded into Avatar’s place.

Levy asks if she’s gotten word from Gray, to which he seems to be consumed by darkness. Gajeel just mentions that it doesn’t matter, their job is to stop Operation Purification. Lily asks if he’s sure, they were once friends. Gajeel mentions that he isn’t anymore. A lot of people will die if they carry on Gajeel mentions. If their paths cross he will fight him, he’s there to stop their plans. Fairy Tail 428 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, lots has happened and Levy has also followed Gajeel in his journey. On top of which, it seems that that Natsu is much more then pissed off, it’s getting really good now. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 429, titled “Code Blue”.

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  1. grayfullbuster622

    Since almost no one posts here all i had to say for this chapter was well i still like gray even if he did erase the ft mark I’m for the dark side here as much as it is kind of gloomy to think that way i believe that well gray should just go his own path he already has his own path to go but most likely we’ll see natsu lucy and the rest bring him back but it wont be that easy to do so… alot of people have been going on at the fact that well ….grays a douche Tbh i wouldnt mind Him being on the dark side it makes the plot twist so much better.

    I’d like him to go back to fairytail but actually right now I’m more focused on how powerful grays gotten ……. and His development for these past months this battle was how should i say ….short but well we’ll eventually see natsu and gray fight on later once gajeel moves in with levy question is will avatar retreat if the council starts coming in and will gajeel and levy find natsu and lucy save them…..But what I’m more curious is will Erza intervene in all this who knows we’ve got juvia wendy natsu lucy gajeel and levy i wouldnt be surprised if erza made a comeback in this Arc but who knows…….So thats pretty much all ive thought about this Arc like always i cant complain FT is Awsome although people who soil it dont think so cause they hate mashima and this manga he created but thats them Overall i’m for gray so sorry people who are fans of natsu so on and so on cant wait for the next 4 issues double chapters for the next 4 weeks of FT manga I’ll be ready to read on ^_^ and thats what i think of this chapter welp over and out then if you want to reply your welcomed to I’ll respond to it i’ll check this page later.


  2. LadyCinia-WitchOfTruth

    OMG! This Acatar arc thingy made my heart hurt so much. It seems like me too was just lile being a part of this manga like my life flows in this thing. But suddenly seeing gray change like that is shocking. I too have an idea that what if Juvia dies will gray care for her death. It make me think he would knowing that they’ve live with each other for six months I wish gray would be back. AlsovI have this theory too that he is possessed because of that wierd marking that went up to his eye maybe it is that is the thing that changed him. Bring back my Gray-Sama!!!


    1. Sunite

      Yeah the power given to him by his father based on Demon Slayer Ice Magic, or whatever it was called, did actually change him. So yeah, and it hurts many of the fans to see Gray like this, but we knew it was coming since FT as a manga/anime has to do stuff like this to keep it interesting.


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