Frozen Giants! Erza Grows Younger – Fairy Tail 228

Fairy Tail 228 see’s everyone getting to the village where everyone from the people to the building and trees are frozen solid, Natsu cannot melt it and neither can Gray. We meet members of Sylph Labyrinth where they try to steal the Eternal Flame guarded by the giants, Natsu and others try to stop them and steal the Moon Drip. Erza turns young when she’s near the flame, into her child body.

Fairy Tail 228 begins as they get to the village, they begin to see the ice within the village. There is a flame there which is guarding everyone within the village. They enter the village, noticing that no one is around, they get to a foot and notice by looking up that it’s a village of giants.

Gray looks at the giants and notices the past he had when Ur left him after she had captured the Deliora and when her daughter Ultear had saved her also. Natsu fails at melting it, Gray also tries to melt it, as well as try to feel the ice around that place, he says that it’s familiar ice magic.

Members of Sylph Labyrinth appear, Drake, Lala and Hiroshi arrive, trying to take the Eternal Flame as they find Natsu and others in their way. They mention that they’ll use the Moon Drip to melt the flame and take it with them. They go on when Natsu, Gray and others try to catch up to them. Erza stays back to do some research.

We see members of Succubus Eye also there flying on a weird creature, a man and Minerva who has also joined with this guild. Member of Sylph Labyrinth decide to fight as Hiroshi and Lala begin their fight against Natsu and Gray while Drake goes on to setup his sniper gun to battle against Lucy and Wendy.

Natsu gets fired up as he goes for a punch, Lala’s arm stops and tosses him away. Gray uses his ice but it’s cut up. Hiroshi’s sword nearly gets all of them with his sword. Lucy and Wendy try and defend against Drake’s bullets with Sagittarius’ arrows.

Erza tries to figure out what happened, she notices that the giants face one way, and are ready for battle. It seems that they were about to protect something, probably the Eternal Flame, she follows the back of it and finds it, but it’s all frozen. Natsu and Lala fight but Lala just blocks everything.  Hiroshi just cuts everything from Gray.

Sagittarius uses his abilities to defend against the bullets from Drake. Erza gets to the top and notices that something has changed as her body’s size has changed as she has not changed into a little girl, she has grown younger. Fairy Tail 228 ends here.

A good chapter, it’s good to see more of what the canon Fairy Tail has to offer, next week’s we continue with this as Natsu and others also turn younger. Even Minerva gets involved with her revenge. Can’t wait for next week’s fairy Tail 229, titled “The Law of Retrogression!”.


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