Ino’s Secret Technique! Growing Stronger – Naruto Shippuden 407

Naruto Shippuden 407 follows Ino’s journey as she begins to grow stronger learning new techniques one with her own determination, while they face three sand ninja’s who can blend into the environment. Ino, Sakura and Choji grow stronger and beat them, then go ahead to regain some peace between the two groups as they go on into their own way.

Naruto Shippuden 407 begins with Ino, Choji and Sakura walking into another set of group as they try to and get to the water behind them. Sakura remembers that she’s fighting someone who earlier helped her. They get ready and Ino quickly attacks, she gets knocked out quickly.

Sakura and the girl begin their fight while Choji and the other dude begin their fight. The sand shinobi’s have slight advantage, however Choji and Sakura gain the advantage once more. However, next up the third sand members steps in to make them all invisible.

Next up we see that Sakura and Choji are unable to do anything. We go to the past when Ino was training to sense enemies. However, she fails and isn’t able to help until she uses her sensory ability to help Sakura and Choji beat them. The sand ninja’s get knocked out.

However, the medical sand village use squids to regain chakra and heal themselves. The third member makes them invisible and distorts Ino’s sensory abilities. Tsunade and Ino’s dad talk about her and how she’s improved. Ino talks to Choji about detecting them.

Ino remembers her past when she was training hard to help. Even Tsunade’s technique help her. Choji and Sakura mind tranfers and quickly defeat the enemy as they see where they’re coming from. It’s all over as they heal each other and move on. Naruto Shippuden 407 ends here.

A good episode, should be good to see what happens next with all the other characters. Can’t wait to see next week’s Naruto Shippuden 408, titled “The Cursed Puppet”.

There are 4 comments

    1. Sunite

      Lol there was, but the episode was a little useless that I didn’t really bother giving them names xD Invisible dude, medical ninja and dude with blond hair xD


  1. LP EAST

    This arc is turning out to be ok, its cool that the supporting cast have a chance to show off their skills, and I know a lot of people what to go back to the canon arc, I do too, but were getting a few good developments here and a few good fights, like that Shira vs Lee, hope to see a epic Taijustu battle with them.


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