Celestial Spirits vs Fairy Tail Mages – Fairy Tail 208

Fairy Tail 208 see’s Fairy Tail mages battle it out against the power of the Celestial Spirits and their request for absolute freedom. Natsu and the others battle them individually within their own worlds to manually force close their opened portals. We see Elfman defeat Taurus and shut his gate.

Fairy Tail 208 begins as Natsu and the others climb their way to the Astral Spirytus, it seems like an entrance. However most people who have gone in have not managed to survive. It’s unknown what happened to them. Lucy and Yukino are given both a key.

We see Loki cast the Liberum to obtain absolute freedom. They begin to cast the spell when it lights up and it’s nearly done. However Natsu appears and stops their spell from completing. Everyone else appears as Loki attacks Natsu as they mention that they have just interrupted their process.

Lucy begins to tell them that when they obtain absolute freedom, they will die after 12 days, however they just mention that they know this and just don’t want to be under the control of humans. Fortunately, Hisui has the real keys that can force them shut. The Spirits are up for fighting them.

Natsu stops attacks, so do the others as they prepare to battle. Natsu is caught when Virgo gets up, Gray and the others show up to battle this. They caught up to them. Warren helped to track them down. Everyone is ready for battle.

The Celestial Spirits are ready for battle, they open their own gates and enter it, if they wish to stop them then they should just follow to stop them. Everyone decides on their own opponent, Hisui gives them a key to stop them and their gates.

They all go ahead to their chosen opponent. Lucy faces Virgo who seems to be happy that she will battle her. Erza will go ahead and test their skills against the Archer. Yukino will go against Libra. Cana will go up against Scorpio playing a card game.

Gray will go up against the crab who wants to dance. Juvia is in a hot environment against Aries. Levy will challenge the moose with a quiz to win. Natsu against Loki, they fight and talk to each other on how he must have some idea of who Lucy is. Wendy goes up against Aquarius.

Mirajane goes up against Pisces under water. Gajeel and Lily go up against Gemini. Elfman against Taurus which they quickly begin their fight. Elfman is slow and doesn’t seem to have any idea how to fight him as it all misses.

Taurus gets him in an attack after some chances that he steps on him crushing his head. However Elfman awakens and transforms once again, Taurus gets serious and attacks too. However Elfman’s sweat gets on Taurus and he’s distracted, from then on, he’s unable to fight and Elfman can quickly close his gate. Hisui mentions that they’re all great at fighting, she wishes for all the spirits to return to normal. Fairy Tail 208 ends here.

A good episode, lots of crazy stuff happened and it seems to be getting more interesting. On top of which I think this episode was pretty good. Although it’s nothing compared to what I’m looking for, nevertheless can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 209, titled “Wendy vs Aquarius! Let’s Have Fun at the Amusement Park!”, when we see more of these fights.

What do you think?

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