Asuna meets Zekken – Sword Art Online II 19 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II 19 tells the story of Asuna her future as her mother presures her to get married and get into a better school, she also faces off against Zekken, who is a girl. Asuna worries that she is unable to do her own thing and live the way she wants because of her parents.

Sword Art Online II 19 was actually better than I thought it would be, I did a little research on Yuuki/Zekken before the episode began so I know a little about her background. I think this season will be pretty good.

This episode mainly concentrated on Asuna and since I believe that it’s her time to shine. She meets a girl called Zekken who can do the 11 combo hit which most people can’t. Yuuki asks for her help in something which might be bothering her, possibly a quest or something.

Her mother and Asuna also talked about her future, it’s nice to see such an moment within the series, it brings that intensity and emotion back to the series again. It shows that these characters aren’t just 2 dimensional, but have more that just their power but feelings and a real life.

Overall I think it was a really good episode, seeing how the series is going, I think it will be somewhat emotional and rewarding. It should be good, I can’t wait for next week’s Sword Art Online II 20, write my thoughts on it.

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  1. Hannah

    I loved it. :”) Even though, I haven’t read the LiNo yet, I made a full research about Konno Yuuki, and watching the latest made me cry for some reasons. Maybe because of her parents and the way Asuna lives. In the future episodes, I know she’ll learn more about this Zekken, why she has come to be a strong player and all that, and she’ll be inspired. ^^ I’ll stop talking ‘cuz I don’t wanna give spoilers. Let’s all look forward to the next episode! Yattaaaa~~~


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