Rin’s Always Watching! Join Us Obito – Naruto Shippuden 386

Naruto Shippuden 386 sees Obito’s past with Rin as we hear and see a repeat of everything once more as Rin tells him that she will always be watching. Rin wants the war to end and thus believes that Obito can stop this, while Naruto asks Obito that he can think about his past and be better. 

Naruto Shippuden 386 with Naruto and Obito talk on  as we go to the past when all three of them, Kakashi, Obito and Rin are chosen to enter the chunin exam. They’re excited for it, as Obito gets into the first test he is freaking out however Rin helps him out.

He passes the first test, all three of them do. They go on ahead for the second part where two teams have to fight each other. When it comes to it, Obito is nearly late and are nearly disqualified. They begin to fight Guy’s team when Guy himself beats up Obito. All his training seems to have messed, his next match against Guy is the same as he’s quickly beat.

Kakashi fights Guy to which Obito notices Rin interested in his match. Kakashi passes the test, he goes to his bench when Rin shows up. She mentions that they can try next year. She will always be watching him to become a Hokage. He does pass the next year. He is told to meet at the park with Rin.

He brings flowers when he learns about Rin’s plan to do something for Kakashi for his promotion. Next up we see Kakashi, Rin and Obito train. However Obito is hurt when she shouts at him for not telling her, and that she will always be watching him. He wants to save the world, that’s why she stuck by his side.

We see Naruto and Obito talk  about this and how Rin wants him to save the world. And how before he was controlled by the Ten Tails, he thought about his past and came back. Naruto asks for him to join him for everything that he has done, it is what Rin would want. Naruto Shippuden ends here.

A good episode, but none of it was really that important, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 387, titled “The Promise That Was Kept” when we see more of the past as well as what happens next when Obito might accept his offer.

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