Naruto learns Bijuu Dama – Secrets of the Edo Tensei – Naruto Shippuden 264

After a long run with other characters, we return back to Naruto and his amazing Chakra Mode. Naruto Shippuden 264 marks a point for Naruto because he’s started to learn how to work with a Bijuu Dama, or Tailed Beast Bomb. Tobi also forces Kabuto to show him how the Edo Tensei, or Reanimation Jutsu works because he’s very suspicious of it since it’s could somehow get out of hand.

We start with Naruto entering another room in which he could train and sustain his Chakra Mode for a longer period of time, as well as control it. Bee tells Naruto to transform into his Bijuu Mode with him turning into the fox himself, all he needs to do is to think about it. Naruto tries this and turns into a pathetic little fox.

Gyuki tells Bee that he needs to explain the risks of using his Chakra Mode, because if not properly used, Naruto could be a dead man. He tells him that there are some risks which he needs to explain while using the Chakra Mode.

Gyuki tells him that during his use of the Chakra Mode, Kurama is allowed to use directly use Naruto Chakra. If the levels of chakra is emptied out completely, Naruto could die. If Naruto is to be able to use Chakra Mode and not die, he needs to be able to tame Kurama so he doesn’t suck out Naruto’s Chakra. Naruto is also told by Gyuki not to use Shadow Clones because this will just increase the amount of energy absorbed by Kurama.

Gyuki tells Naruto that Bijuu Dama takes chakra and changes its form, to gather it up and compress it, then just spew it out. Naruto quickly acknowledges the risks and wants to try the Bijuu Dama as quickly as he can. Gyuki tells that it’s impossible without the Tailed Beast Transformation. Bee comes out and tells Naruto just to concentrate and developing his current special moves.

As Naruto goes to try and do his Rasengan within his Chakra Mode, he sees that there are some red and blue balls forming around a purple looking thing acting as the nucleus. Naruto shows the Rasengan to Bee and notices that he’s rotating and compressing the chakra, it’s exactly like the Bijuu Dama.

He asks how Naruto was able to obtain the jutsu. He says it was Jiraiya and Minato. Bee tells him that it’s exactly the same way of creating the Bijuu Dama. It could have been fate that Minato had invented such a weapon. He tells Naruto that there’s a ratio of 2:8 to Red:Blue, which will obtain a circular ball shape.

Naruto gives it a try and fails. Bee tells him that he wont be able to do it because his ratios are way off. Naruto tells Bee that he wont give up because he learns as he keeps trying. He doesn’t need to worry about the details because he wont give up until he gets it.

At the Hideout of Tobi and Kabuto. Tobi is concerned about how the Edo Tensei works. He asks Kabuto to explain how the Edo Tensei works and how to stop it, plus all it’s secrets. Kabuto goes on a head to explain because he doesn’t wish to fight with Tobi due to having other plans.

Tobi brings out two individuals which are Danzo’s dogs. Tobi kills one of them and tells Kabuto to bring back one of them. He wants him to perform the Edo Tensei. He starts out by stabbing into the dead person to obtain the blood which he needs for it work. He needs portion which controls personal identifications material like the blood and it’s DNA. He explains further that if the soul is not in the after life, they wont be able to get them back using the Edo Tensei.

He forms a large seal on the second person and releases it. Paper start to rise from the bottom and starts to cover the person. After a few moments the paper peels off and the persons soul had been put into that body. He then placed a kunai with a paper which allowed him to control the individual.

Tobi asks what the risks are for the jutsu are but Kabuto tells them that there are none. Tobi stops Kabuto from leaving and tells him that he had forgotten to tell him how to stop the Edo Tensei. He replies that the only way is to control Kabuto and do the signs Dog, Horse and Tiger to break the Edo Tensei. Kabuto leaves thinking that he’s got other things in mind which he can become invincible with.

Tobi tells Black Zetsu to take care of other things while the White Zetsu’s go on ahead. At the Allied Shinobi Head Quarters, the information they had collected helped them to discover that the White Zetsu’s are travelling underground. They transfer the information throughout the Intel Squads. The Allied Force use an Earth Style technique allowing them to erupt all the Zetsu’s underground in the air so they could fight. They do this and Naruto Shippuden 264 ends.

What an fantastic episode! Naruto has just started to learn the Bijuu Dama, and hopefully when the time comes he’ll be able to perfect the technique and possibly even beat Tobi or Kabuto with it. Can’t wait for Naruto Shippuden 265 when Zabuza and Haku will be back to fight Kakashi and his forces!

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        1. Sunite

          hmm.. it was some time ago since i read the manga… don’t remember really lool xD but hopefully she’ll somehow become immune to venomous bite and recover…


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