Sasuke’s Outfit Design and Mysterious Man in “The Last” Naruto The Movie

“The Last” Naruto the Movie will be releasing soon in Japanese theater, but before that happens we have some more awesome outfit designs and a mysterious bad guy! We learned that the moon will be taken under control and used against the Leaf and the World, this being the plot of movie however now we know that a mysterious man will plot against Naruto and others.

We can tell by the mysterious character image that they have a moon symbol on their outfit, thus pointing to the plot that he may be the bad guy. From the Chibi images above, we can also see a clear outfit of Sasuke’s, we knew he had a head band of sorts covering his face, and some sort of cloth covering his body, now we get to see it clearly in chibi form.

What are you’re opinions on this, be sure to comment down below telling me what you think of this. I can’t wait for the movie to come out, it’s going to be awesome. Also be sure to go ahead and share this page with others.

Source: SI

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  1. rise

    on chapter 687 page 6, there is a person in the background that could be seen and I’ve been hearing that that person is going to be the villain in the last naruto movie. but if that was the case, shouldn’t naruto have sensed him? also i heard that the man might be from the hyuga clan


      1. Sunite

        Could be Hamura, or his offspring, like Ashura and Indra from Hagoromo being Naruto and Sasuke. We learn about Hamura’s descended because we don’t really know a lot about what happened to him.


      1. Rise

        Yep, that’s the one. From the first picture, it shows a black figure in the mountains that some are saying that the villian is related to this part, and that he kidnappes either hinata or her sister, if she even has one


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