Naruto Sasuke vs Obito! My Ninja Way – Naruto Shippuden 383

Naruto Shippuden 383 shows the power of Naruto’s Ninja Way allowing him to overcome any obstacle Obito places on him. It also allows Naruto to unconsciously heal Shikamaru to his full potential when Tsunade also arrives to help. Everyone gets happy and go on to battle with their hearts out!

Naruto Shippuden 383 begins as Hashirama asks every other Kage to join with him and be respectful as well as affiliate with him. We also see the current Kage’s back and will want to get into gear to battle. Everyone gets ready and are going to battle against Obito and his power. Both Sasuke and Naruto fight against Obito, pushing him back but unable to do any real damage.

We see Shikamaru get covered with Naruto’s chakra as his will seems to want to protect everyone, he seems to be doing so without unconsciously. We see Shikamaru mentions that Naruto never changes, he’s always helping. He goes on to think about what happened in the past when he never talked to him.

He even says sorry to his dad since he’s there now to help Naruto, he doesn’t have someone that could help him, thus he will need to take position and thus he will fight by his side, from this he gets up. Tsunade quickly arrives and gives him a ton of chakra allowing him to quickly recover.

Everyone begins to become happy that he’s back, they all get rallied up into becoming greater. Naruto and Sasuke keep on fighting. Everyone mentions that it’s time to fight against the tree as everyone gets ready. Raikage also thinks about when he begged him not to kill Sasuke.

Everyone gets pumped up and quickly go on ahead to battle. Gaara also thinks about their past and gets everyone excited to fight. Kakashi is also getting ready to battle, Guy also gets ready. Everyone gets up and ready, they keep on pushing and cutting more and more wood from he trees.

Tobirama uses the connection between Kurama and Minato to avoid anyone else getting sucked using the connection between Kurama and it’s chakra. Orochimaru also helps out Hiruzen in battle. Obito goes on the offensive next up to capture both Naruto and Sasuke and smashing them all in the ground even after Sakura and Tsunade use their healing jutsu.

We learn from Kakashi that Obito is looking for some kind of answer that he thinks he will find within Naruto. He smashes them into the ground and asks why Naruto still stands up, after all that has happened, how can they  keep on going.

Naruto goes on to say that it is because of his Ninja way that he believe will drive him to do what he believe is the correct thing. Naruto and Sasuke both get ready and join their Susanoo and Kurama mode into one. It’s even more powerful than before. They can now fight in sync! Naruto Shippuden 383 ends here.

A fantastic episode with lots of amazing action, Naruto and Sasuke are finally working together and it’s nice to see this because next week’s Naruto Shippuden 384, titled “A Heart Filled with Comrades”, we’ll see Naruto and Sasuke battle, with Naruto talking to Obito trying to convince him.

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