Mavis’ Illusionary Magic! Dances with Blades – Fairy Tail Zero 4

Fairy Tail Zero 4 sets into motion where Mavis and Zeref both pass each other in it being their destiny, while Mavis and Precht go into a bar to find more information, she’s forced to use her illusionary magic. We go ahead to see Precht fight and protect Mavis from the thugs within the bar, they also find the head quarters of Blue Skull to be in Magnolia. 

Fairy Tail Zero 4 begins as they reach the town of Hargeon, Mavis is amazed by everything that is going on. Precht goes on ahead to find some information on Blue Skull to which Mavis follows him. They reach a pub whereby they ask for some information however he doesn’t know anything.

Precht believes that he doesn’t know anything and begins to walk away however Mavis notices that he had mentioned that it was a mage guild whereby they didn’t reveal anything of that nature. Precht notices something’s wrong and begins to the fight the other guys attacking him.

However he begins to get more opponents when he quickly uses his blades in order to kick everyone’s ass there. He quickly gets rid of all of them too when the barman traps them in a magic circle whereby they’re trapped.

However moments after reading the circle she discovers a part of it that is broken, and also discovers that the man they’re talking too is from the Blue Skull guild who has been there in order to gather information.

Next thin they know she uses her own magic to bring forth a massive world called the Heavenly Wolf which covers the whole bar and forces the man to spill the information of where the guild is. After they have the information, Precht discovers that she was bluffing and it was nothing but a illusion she created. They go on ahead when Zeref passes her, its fate and destiny for them to meet once more. Fairy Tail Zero 4 ends here.

A good chapter, and it’s becoming a little clearer to what may happen next, it’s a good start to a brilliant new manga and I can’t wait to see more of what will come in the next Fairy Tail Zero 5.

What do you think?

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