The Evil Celestial Spirits! Filler Arc – Fairy Tail 205

Fairy Tail 205 begins a filler arc whereby the Celestial Spirits are unable to be called and thus cause chaos as they search for Perfect Freedom. Natsu and Lucy go on adventure to get some money when they’re trapped by appearing Celestial Spirits from her own keys, she is unable to talk to them as they cannot remember.

Fairy Tail 205 begins when we find out that there have been extreme weather in places where there shouldn’t be such things. We also learn that everyone else has gone on jobs for example Juvia and Gray have already gone. While Erza is helping out with some building work.

There aren’t a lot of jobs left since Wendy, Laxus and the others are also gone to help out, even Elfman and Lisanna. There has been one job left by Mirajane specifically for her, it’s specially for Celestial Spirits. The job requires a Celestial Spirit Mage. They go on ahead to the town to find nothing but a seal or sorts.

A Sea Slugs appears and scares Lucy and the others as it chases her down, after much fighting with it, Natsu is able to kick it’s butt and get rid of it. Lucy tries to call for her using her Celestial Spirit but nothing works, after she keeps on trying but it doesn’t work.

We also heart back at the HQ that the job seems to be false and something could be up, we see Yukino appear wanting to tell Lucy something important. Lucy brings about a silver key out, Crux, to which it falls down and tells them that it’s all going wrong.

Something is going on in the Celestial Spirit World that they need to do something quickly. Both worlds will be joined. Crux is captured by a lady as he’s forced to close the gate. We see that it’s Spirit Virgo! Yukino explains to Erza and others that her Spirits aren’t appearing. They decide that they may need to go ahead and help.

Virgo tries to battle against Lucy and Natsu, however Lucy is unable to understand whats going on. Natsu tries to attack but is told to hold back as Lucy will fight her. She gets an upper hand however remember the good Virgo and detracts her weapon, due to this, her chance is lost and she is quickly punished.

Lucy really wants to fight on her own, but Virgo is just punishing her with all she has, Natsu can’t take it and just attacks. From nowhere, more Celestial Spirits arrive, all of Lucy’s have transformed into different forms. They cannot remember anything about Lucy and their contracts, even Leo appears as their head master.

Their personalities and everything is so different from what actually were before. They mentions that contacts are now void, and on top of this, Lucy never agreed to this so it doesn’t work. She tries to reason with them but it doesn’t work since Natsu quickly tells Happy to go away with Lucy.

Natsu tries to battle Leo but it all ends up with nothing but Natsu matching Leo and on top of that just getting his ass beat a little. Happy takes him away too. They mention that they want Perfect Freedom. They return to the Celestial Spirit World where it’s all thrashed talking about how they want Perfect Freedom. Fairy Tail 205 ends here.

A good start to a new arc, including last week’s chapter it seems like it’s going to be another arc concerning Lucy and her Celestial Spirits. It should be a good arc, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 206, titled “Library Panic” when we see them fight within some sort of Library.

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  1. Bleach Please

    Please mate, bleach is total crap, let’s not go there… that one trick phony ichigo, all he does is shout “getsuga tenshou” like the retard that he is.


  2. HellGirl

    I don’t know why you people make fun of a great anime.Like really.They change their outfits every single day.Every anime expect a few I mean a “Few!” shows change their outfits everyday.Let me say some animes that don’t change their outfits.Dragonball z,Naruto,Fairy Tail,Attack On Titan,Tokyo Ghoul,Danganronpa,One Piece,Sword Art Online,Bobobo-bo bo-bobo,Code Geass,Death Note…And A LOT more!And plus if it wasn’t a great anime it wouldn’t be a anime “Legend!” as you see it is.Don’t get me wrong I like those shows to…If your making fun of Bleach than your just making fun of other Anime Legends than.


  3. Alexa Boyer

    fairy tail is my favorite anime even if no one ever changes thier clothes except lucy and it makes sense that in sao they don’t really change thier clothes very often it’s a virtual world for petes sake!


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