Mavis Meets Yuriy! Game of Truths – Fairy Tail Zero 2

Fairy Tail Zero 2 see’s the first meeting of Mavis and Yuriy as they bet their knowledge on the Game of Truths, as Yuriy investigates for the Tenrou Jade! Mavis and Zeira still live on the island all by themselves trying to clean up everything that had previously happened.

Fairy Tail Zero 2 begins in the year x686 on Tenrou Island with Mavis looking at as the she sings wonderfully in the amazing weather. Zeira arrives to remind her that they need to clean the library today. Mavis seems to like walking barefoot. Zeira asks if she isn’t sore about what happened the other day.

Mavis mentions that she had said some horrible things to which Mavis disregards and mentions that they’re friends. Zeira finds Mavis adorable. From the attack 7 years ago, only they remain. Zeira notices that someone is coming to which she hides someone comes in.

Mavis faces them to which they get freaked out. Yuriy arrives to which he didn’t know someone already lived there. Yuriy mentions that he’s there to study the island’s ecosystem. While Mavis quickly mentions that he’s lying.  If he was there then he’d only be there trying to develop a countermeasure to the poison Yaktrinka.

Mavis exposes him by mentioning that Yaktrinka is nothing but a elementary level biology and thus he is most likely looking for something else. Yuriy Dreyar mentions that he’s a treasure hunter looking for the Tenrou Jade.

Mavis mentions that she’s heard of it however it’s this islands holy relic and thus isn’t going to give it to some strange man. Yuriy could always take it by force. Yuriy asks if she wants to play a game. If he wins then she would need to tell him where it is, if she wins then they leave the island as well as help her meet the fairies.

Mavis quickly imagines fairies and says she’ll play. The rules to the game are simple, it’s a guessing truth about one another. The first person to guess wrong loses. And there is no lying. There is also a rule, to which it’s not allowed to say things that are related to each other.

You’re also not allowed to use the same words more than one, Mavis asks if they can do a dry run. They go on ahead when Mavis loses since Yuriy is still a teenager. They begin for real to which Yuriy brings out a judgement field where people aren’t allowed to lie.

Mavis speaks out that she actually won the dry run, she mentions that she had mentioned that he was a teen while he asked the same time when he shouldn’t have to which he actually did lose. Mavis is glad that there will be a magic judge. Yuriy is scared, however he realises that she knows nothing about him while he’s at his spot.

Zeira knows that something will go wrong. Mavis mentions that he can go first then she mentions that whether he or her goes first, she will win the game in just one round. This is when she met Yuriy, to which it was 95 days till the founding of Fairy Tail! Fairy Tail Zero 2 ends here.

I seems to be liking this new setup for whats going on here. Both Yuriy and Mavis have met each other plus I’m happy that Mavis seems really OP at this point, he’s definitely going to lose this match. Can’t wait for another Fairy Tail Zero 3 to see what happens next.

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