Ready For Payback – Sword Art Online II 7 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 7 has aired and it’s a build up to the next few fights, we see Sinon gets angry due to the fact that Kirito is pissing her off. We also see Kirito and his past surface as he mentions that he had killed three different individuals belonging to Laughing Coffin. The Bullet of Bullets begins. 

Kirito and Suguha

Kirito and Suguha

We start with Kirito and Suguha having some lunch together as they talk about Kirito and his time in a new game Gun Gale Online (GGO). Suguha notices that Kirito is no longer in his friends list and thus looks around to see that he won within Gun gale Online. She also mentions that Asuna has been worried about him for not talking to her that often.

Shinkawa hugs Asada

Shinkawa hugs Asada

At the local park we see Asada and Shinkawa talk about the game while Asada is a little angry due to the fact that she and Kirito don’t get along too well. She wants to show him who’s boss and kick his butt. While at the same time Shinkawa shows his true feelings for her as he seems to fancy her, he wants to help her.

Kirito goes to the hospital to log into Gun Gale Online when he has a bad time dealing with his past, it keeps on getting under his skin when he talks to the hot nurse, she helps him into calming down and giving him the opportunity to think through it out, he figures out that he did so in order to save someone else’s life.

Spiegel and Sinon talkHe goes into Gun Gale Online and so does Asada. We go on to see that Sinon is waiting for Kirito in order to show him up and battle and defeat him as she mentioned previously. Spiegel and Sinon are also chatting to which he seems down to a point that he will be waiting for Sinon until she is strong enough to be together.

Kirito vs Sinon

Kirito vs Sinon

A great episode, I personally can’t wait for next week’s Sword Art Online II episode 8, titled “Bullet of Bullets” since we’re finally going to see some hardcore fighting. On top of that I’d like to see Kirito kick some ass.

All together I think this episode was a good build up to the overall series, although it had no fights and just past memories and just character build up, I believe that we’ll see something soon in connection to Death Gun, possibly even a Kirito vs Death Gun soon.

A friend of mind thought that this episode was something he’d expected, he saw no development and disliked the episode. I agree with that however seeing as though Asada can now point with a gun hand, she seems to have developed quite a lot.

Also the balloon we see the girl had flew from the park to Kirito’s hospital meaning that both Asada and Kirito are in the same city, which I believe to be awesome since we’ll get to see Sinon and Kirito together both in game and in real life. I think it’s a good thing.

What do you think?

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