Natsu and Atlas Flames! Rogue’s Future – Fairy Tail 195

Fairy Tail 195 see’s the arrival of Natsu onto the Fire Giant known as Atlas Flames to which Natsu without question begins to engulf the delicious hellfire which he provides giving him strength we’ve never seen before. We also discuss the fact that humanity is losing against the dragons and are unable to do a single thing as Future Rogue is the cause of this, Ultear mentions that if the current Rogue is killed, such a future would not exist. 

Fairy Tail 195 begins as the dragons keep on having the advantage. Laxus and his team begin their attack on Atlas Flame, however it seems that they can’t get any close to him either. From what it seems, Laxus spots Natsu coming from the top to which he lands on Atlas Flames.

He quickly begins to feed on Atlas Flames flames to which Laxus and others think he’s a moron. Atlas Flames begins to move from side to side trying to get him off however it doesn’t seem to work. Natsu tells Laxus to go to help Wendy, they go with Happy there too. Natsu stays with Atlas Flames while he keeps on eating more and more flames.

Atlas Flames doesn’t understand how someone like him can be eating his flames when he has a strange feeling from Natsu to which he notices that feeling of having the King of  Fire Dragons above him, Igneel. He asks him how he’s connected with him to which Natsu mentions that he’s his father. Lucy finds her Future Self’s Journal to which she keeps on reading.

Future Rogue realises that the power he has now will be able to defeat Acnologia. We see everyone fighting their dragons doing ext to no damage to them. Natsu appears behind him to which when he looks, he see’s Natsu with Atlas Flames to which they both head butt together.

Future Rogue asks Atlas Flames if he’s betraying him, to which Atlas Flames mentions that he’s only following his heart helping his friends child. Future Rogue asks what he did to block his will, to which all they did was to become friends.

Atlas Flames snaps onto the side of Motherglare’s head while Motherglare uses her lightning breath to try and hit Atlas Flames. Motherglare mentions that flames of his are ineffective. We then see a powered up Natsu jump out from Atlas Flame to which he seems to be carrying a large amount of Fire Power to which he hits Motherglare.

Toma mentions that his country has become nothing now, from the ancient calamity festival, everything will never be the same again after such an attack. We see Rufus go ahead and use different powers to attack the spawns from Motherglare. He’s tired to which Gray appears to help him when he needs it.

Shadow Gear and other members of Fairy Tail also keep on fighting to their maximum strength trying to take out these monsters. Orga keeps on fighting to which Jura also comes to his aid when required. Sting attacks his dragon to which no damage is done to them, just itches a little.

Rogue also attacks his dragon to do no damage at all, it seems that he can’t do any damage. The dragon tells him that he cannot do any damage, to which he explains that he was told no to hurt Rogue, just keep an eye on him. We see Shadow try and talk to Rogue about his future.

The dragon mentions that he will become the king to which he himself from the future told the dragons to keep Rogue alive for his plans. Shadow tells him that it’s true that he will become the king. The dragon tells him to accept the fact that there is darkness in his heart.

Rogue begins to freak out trying to understand what is happening while Ultear watching. We go to an hour ago when Natsu was talking to Meredy and Ultear to which Natsu mentions that he will kill Future Rogue so no one has to die, he will do so that Ultear doesn’t have to kill the current Rogue as he hasn’t done anything wrong. We then see Ultear see that killing the current Rogue will solve all their problems. Fairy Tail 195 ends here.

A fantastic episode, a lot has happened and it seems that Ultear will kill Rogue in an effort to balance the future so that such a thing will not happen. On top of which it seems that Natsu is finally getting some attack points on Motherglare, they could be defeated. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 196, titled “Sin and Sacrifice”, when we see Natsu keep on fighting, Rogue finds Sting to fight together and we see a terrible ending from Gray.

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