New Anime’s Arriving Autumn 2014

If you’re an anime fan, you’d know that new anime’s are always appearing, some being awesome while others not suited to your taste, this Autumn we will have some really awesome new anime’s and thus this post covers new anime’s coming this Autumn 2014. With the return of the second season of Log Horizon, there are some really good anime’s appearing such as the adaption for Fate/Stay Night. Read ahead to see them. 

New Anime Autumn 2014

Click the image above to see the new anime’s in much more detail. Tell me which of these anime’s you are waiting for by using the comment section below. Also be sure to share this page to tell other anime fans about which new anime’s are arriving.


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    1. Anime Emily

      Yes! Psycho Pass is freaking awesome!!! Glad to see such a huge lineup of potentially great anime shows. Now time to clear up my schedule XD


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