Sasuke and Hokage’s Arrive! Team 7 Together – Naruto Shippuden 372

Naruto Shippuden 372 see’s the arrival of Sasuke and the Four Hokage’s; Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen and Minato onto the battlefield while Sasuke declares his candidacy to become Hokage. While the Hokage’s seal the Ten Tails in place we see Team 7 back together as Sakura promises that she’s now strong and worthy to stand beside Naruto and Sasuke to fight also.

Naruto Shippuden 372 as the Ten Tails gets larger to unleash a type of fruit from its mouth. However all that it does is begins to create a large Bijuu Dama. The Ten Tail isn’t even holding back as it’d like to kill everyone. Everyone begins to worry as they have no hope without Naruto’s help.

Sakura speaks and mentions that Naruto has put everything into this fight and even went as far as to protect them and call all of them his friend and comrade. Everyone begins to realise that they need to fight, even if they’re going to die might as well as go down fighting. Shikamaru connects to Kitsuchi to which he tells to teach everyone about teaching them a trick to make weak walls to prevent the Bijuu Dama from reaching them and changing the trajectory.

Shikamaru also tells Bee to launch his own Bijuu Dama to change the course of where the Ten Tail’s Bijuu Dama will go. We go to Obito’s dimension to which both him and Kakashi keep on talking while Obito tries to blame everything on Kakashi for Rin’s death.

Obito asks how he’s going to fill his hole in his heart. Kakashi mentions that it cannot be done alone, such a hole is usually filled by the help of others in this world. Everyone begins to do the seal for the walls and unleash it. Obito mentions that no matter what, it’s over for them.

The walls are created, and the Bijuu Dama reaches them as quickly as it can when Bee halts the Bijuu Dama in place just before it reaches everyone. Kakashi remembers Obito’s words about those that are scum.

Minato appears and helps everyone out as the Bijuu Dama is sent to the sea to explode there. Minato tells everyone to brace themselves for the upcoming waves. Sakura asks who is he, he mentions that he’s Minato Namikaze and then asks if him and Naruto are in a relationship. To which Sakura doesn’t deny it and just hits him. Minato is reminded of Kushina.

Naruto mentions that he sensed Minato, while at the same time Hiruzen, Tobirama and Hashirama arrive to the same place. Every begins to think that they’re here to help. Hiruzen mentions that Orochimaru brought them back to life using Edo Tensei. Naruto mentions that they’re still help coming.

Madara arrives and mentions that he’s been waiting for Hashirama. While Hashirama tells Madara to hold on, he will be with him after dealing with the Ten Tails. Naruto is told to take a break too, while he mentions that Sasuke is coming to help too. Minato gets ready with the other Hokage’s.

Minato unleashes his Bijuu Mode to which it seems that he’s also communicated with Kurama. Kurama remembers when he took him away from his other half. Minato transports them to another place to create a square covering the Ten Tails, creating a seal between all of the Hokage’s.

Hashirama then add more seals to the Ten Tail’s hands to prevent his movement. Out of nowhere Sasuke appears to which Naruto and Sakura are surprised. Everyone notices that he’s arrived when everyone becomes aware of his past. Sasuke mentions that he’s there to help them in the fight to which he’s over all plan is to become Hokage too.

Everyone is shocked to which Naruto notices that Itachi mentioned that only someone with power such as the Hokage can change the village, and from what the other Hokage’s have done, he wants to change the circumstances.

Naruto gets up and gets ready to fight, he also mentions that he’d like to become Hokage. Hashirama mentions that he’s happy that there are many candidates however they need to seal the Ten Tails. Sakura is thanked for her help when healing.

Sakura nevertheless appears with Naruto and Sasuke to which she mentions that she being trained by Tsunade has become a lot stronger, plus she has also ready to fight with all her might. Plus Team 7 is back together ready to fight. Everyone becomes nostalgic about this. Naruto Shippuden 372 ends here.

A great episode as we finally see the arrival of the Hokage’s and Sasuke onto the battlefield. It’s a great scene to see these awesome ninja’s finally there. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 373, titled “Team 7 Assembled”, when we see Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura all fight as well as to see Sakura’s past being on the sidelines.

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