A Funny Summary of Bleach’s Final Arc

Bleach Final Arc Funny SummaryBleach and its final arc, “Thousand Year Blood War” has come a long way, its start with the invasion and declaration of the war to the point where we currently set our eyes on the latest battle including Giselle, it even includes Kubo Tite too. This summary is both funny and pretty accurate when it shows the reactions beside it. Please view it in its max size by clicking it. 

If you found it funny and liked it be sure to share the page. Also go on ahead and comment down below on which one of these you thought was funny. This image was submitted to the Bleach Reddit page by Malicious_Mellon.

There are 6 comments

    1. Nick Dunn

      I hope she’s transgender. Based by her appearance and her reactions of Yumichika and Charlotte calling her a man makes me think she is.


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