Gajeel vs Torafusa! Levy’s Kiss – Fairy Tail 396

Fairy Tail 396 see’s the great battle between Gajeel vs Torafusa while at the same time Fairy Tail are under trouble when Levy aids Gajeel in kissing and giving him the precious air he desperately requires.  Torafusa is able to move quickly against Natsu and the others as they’ve already passed out from the poisonous waters that covers them. 

Fairy Tail 396 begins after both Natsu and Gajeel hit each other to which they keep on arguing after Torafusa and Tempesta keep on looking. Torafusa gets ready and mentions that he invites them into the deep seas of Hades! He brings out a large amount of dark water to which it begins to spew out of nowhere and covers everything. It begins to reach other parts of the compound.

Levy even hears Gajeel’s voice to which Natsu, Gajeel, Lucy are all surprised about this since Natsu isn’t able to use his flames. Gajeel wonders how Torafusa is able to move so quickly while Tempesta is just sitting there. Gajeel tells Natsu to take Lucy away from there when he can’t seem to get in talk with him since he’s already poisoned.

Torafusa mentions that the water is poisonous to which it brings death within 5 minutes. Gajeel closes his mouth and mentions that he’s going to whoop his ass. Torafusa is very quick, he hits Gajeel under ground with his Deep Impact cracking the floor beneath them.

However moments later we see Gajeel use his shadow form to quickly move and uses his Tetsuryuuken to attack but it doesn’t do anything to Torafusa to which he then punches Gajeel to which the restrains on his mouth are tested when Torafusa keeps on punching when the restrains break.

Gajeel can’t seem to be breath to a point where he can’t seem to do anything. He can’t seem to move either, he begins to get consumed by darkness to a point where he begins to go and all he can do is ask for air. However out of nowhere Levy reaches him to kiss and give him air!

He notices and quickly breathes in, his eyes open and notices that Levy is there, Torafusa notices her when he quickly goes to attack her, she is unconscious at this point to which Gajeel notices her. He quickly steps in, in his Iron form he protects her from arm to which he smashes Torafusa’s head down in order to stop him. Fairy Tail 396 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, however it seems that it was released a little late from last week, still it was a good chapter, Gajeel will kick some ass. Can’t wait for the next chapter Fairy Tail 397, titled “Steel” when we get to see the end between Gajeel vs Torafusa.


There is one comment

  1. mabritish

    now that was romantic, I guess Lucy and natsu are taking notes. I just hope juvia was there so she can be as jealous as hell. anyway this demon guys seems to have unlimited abilities. man they just keep on coming at fairytail with New weird magic. u mean how many times have they put fairytale in this kinda situation?

    well I just hope gajeel, get pumped up from being horny bcos of the kiss he got from levy and crushed those demon guys.


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