Obito’s Sage of Six Paths Transformation – Naruto 640


Naruto 640 thrills me up as Obito goes berserk when he nearly loses control of himself as well as the Ten Tails that’s inside him. Minato, Sasuke and Naruto face him when they’re trapped, Minato’s technique helps them to escape from that situation. Obito see’s himself being stripped away from his body parts when he remembers Rin. He quickly regains and becomes something very similar to the Sage of Six Paths! Furthermore, Obito sets a Bijuu Dama to explode near Minato, Naruto and Sasuke.

Naruto 640 begins as both Sasuke and Naruto are trapped from Obito’s hands, as Obito goes to enable his technique to send chakra through his hand, Minato notices that Naruto’s chakra hands touch Minato and Sasuke  which helps Minato enable his technique in order to get away from there as quickly as possible.

Obito sends the chakra through his hands but fails to hit them. Minato transports them into another place. Sasuke realises that it was Minato’s technique that was used. Furthermore, Minato notices that Naruto is able to keep up with Sasuke. Minato looks at Obito and notices that he’s moving like a snake. The right side of Obito’s face begins to transform and gets bigger and bigger.

Obito begins to lose control, he launches a Bijuu Dama style attack which only seems to have gotten bigger and once again smaller, from this it explodes. Naruto asks if it was sent in order to get rid of Minato’s clone, which it doesn’t seem like it. After the smoke clears, they notice that the attack was hitting himself in order to prevent Obito from losing control.

Minato mentions that he’s mind is barely hanging on, they’re lucky they weren’t hit because they could have easily died. Minato mentions that he’s going to create an opening, to which they’ll need to attack. Obito shouts and begins to lose control, he even speaks Rin’s name. Minato launches he’s special kunai whilst Obito and Minato both remember the past.

In a dark room like, Minto’s body is slowly being taken away from him, limb by limb, his hands to legs. In front of him is a photo where by a limb responds to a part of the image. When only Rin is left, it begins to tear apart, his whole face begins to split. He quickly realises something and his whole body comes back, and so does the image.

After this transformation, Obito’s body completely changes into something that looks very similar to the Sage of Six Paths, however since the Ten Tails is not fully transformed from before, it seems like this form of him isn’t fully transformed either. Minato notices this, and Obito begins to talk to Minto too.

Minto goes for the attack when his kunai breaks, Minato goes to attack when Minato losses his hand, it seems like he’s been evaporated by the attack. However he reappears where Naruto and Sasuke are, he mentions that he’s fine when Obito tells him to questions himself. The small Bijuu Dama that was on Obito’s hand has been stuck to Minato when it transported. It gets ready to blow up right in front of Sasuke, Naruto and the others. Naruto 640 ends here.

What a great chapter, Obito has finally been able to get full control of the Ten Tails and looks awesome with the full Sage of Six Paths look, it suits him. I guess our thoughts on Naruto being the Sage of Six Paths have been diminished. Lets see what happens in next week’s Naruto 641 when this awesome story continues.

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    1. ThatsWhatSheSaid6

      How can Naruto ever become the Rikudou Sennin? He is neither Senju nor Uchiha, possesses neither bloodline limit and only is the host to one tailed beast.


  1. zetsu

    he is already a half rikudou,did he have senju or uchiha before he became what he is now?and even kyuubi called him the sage of the six paths


  2. dreager1

    Alright, Naruto’s been extremely epic these last few weeks! Tobi controlling the 10 Tails is definitely epic and his Sage of Six Paths form is really cool. He’s pretty much entered DBZ level and unless Naruto can ascend to a similar form, they’re dead. I have to say that I do think Naruto will also become the Sage of Six Paths. His chakra form has the same symbol on the back which I don’t think is a coincidence. I think they will be two sides of the same coin, Light vs Dark. They both possess Sage of Six Paths abilities, but only one of them will be able to claim ultimate victory.

    I believe that Minato just needs to give Naruto the other half of the chakra and then his ascension will be complete. (Along with the 8 Tails power of course) I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of power he will obtain. Right now, he’s their last hope. I don’t see Sasuke taking him down and he may have been surpassed at this point. I think Sasuke could defeat Naruto’s current form, but not Tobi’s. I just hope that the author doesn’t pull a cheesy victory for the heroes. Many do that for the final battles of the series. (Dare I say it, Aizen’s end in Bleach)

    The series definitely seems to be inching towards the end and I don’t expect the series to last more than a year at this point. I think this battle will be over within the next 20 chapters and then about 20 more for the series to conclude. It definitely had an epic run and it’s one series that I’ll never forget


    1. Sunite

      I think because Naruto received chakra from all Tailed Beasts, he could become a second Sage of Six Paths, to go up against Obito. If somehow Hashirama helped him ascend like the Madara’s Gedo Mazo.It’s still a possibility for him. Furthermore Madara and Hashirama will go at each other which will be even more epic than before as Madara has Hashirama’s powers now too.

      I’m surprised that Minato thinks that Naruto is keeping up with Sasuke. I think the author has built up so much that he can’t afford to put a cheesy victory as you mentioned. It needs to be one which will prove to everyone that Naruto can be the Hokage, and that the older Hokage’s have found themselves a great new 6th Hokage. (Could still be Sasuke :P)
      Bleach’s Ichigo and Aizen, hmm I guess but Ichigo really showed Aizen up. However I think that was also for the final arc, as now the proper fight can begin as ultimately, Urahara won against Aizen, not Ichigo.

      I suggest you begin watching the anime, as Madara’s wrath has finally begun and it’s with amazing animation too, something which I’m happy to finally see in Naruto! I don’t think Naruto will end that quickly, I still don’t think the ending of both Bleach and Naruto have affected me.


      1. dreager1

        Definitely, although I don’t think Hashirama will need to help him. Once he has all of the chakra, he should be able to do it on his own. Madara’s battle against Hashirama should be fun, but I wonder what Madara’s plan is. He mentioned something about hurrying before Tobi noticed.

        Well, sometimes the author doesn’t mean for it to be cheesy 😉 Sasuke for hokage would definitely be intriguing. I loved Ichigo pulverizing Aizen, I meant when Urahara’s energy from inside of Aizen activated and he lost his powers. I thought that was pretty cheesy. I didn’t mind the Ichigo part.

        Well, I prefer to wait for the dub, but I am glad to see that the anime is getting epic again. Those filler episodes were really testing our patience. You think that Naruto will make it past 2014 into 2015? I dunno, it seems pretty close to the end for me. I think 2014 could be the end of the line. Well, it’s good not to let these things affect you. I’ll definitely be missing those two series, but at least I have Toriko, One Piece, and Assasination Classroom to hold up the WSJ fort


  3. zetsu

    guys just dont worry about how it will end when you can’t guess what will happen in the next chapter,don’t worry the BIG MAN knows how he will end it.


    1. Inferno

      hey guys, why don’t you leave this over BIG MAN as zetsu said….
      it would be hell of a fun if naruto figures out how to defeat madara, all by himself.
      Wouldn’t it be fun???/


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