Strawberry in the Dark – Ichigo Kurosaki

strawberry_in_the_dark_by_allmanette-d6dlndlI’ve found this awesome silhouette image of the Strawberry himself, Ichigo Kurosaki. The cruel and awesome attitude which Ichigo has on his face seems like the one he will take to war during the latest Thousand Year Blood War Arc. He seems to be the one to fight against the King of the Quincy’s, Juha Bach as well as Uryu Ishida and Jugram Hashwalth.

The artist Allmanette, has also created three other ones with similar silhouette styled Bleach related characters which are pretty awesome, shown below. If you  like the work you see, I’m sure you’ll like her other work which covers both photography to pencil and paper drawings of Bleach fan art.

What do you think?

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