New Dragon Ball Z Movie Arrives In 2015

Dragon Ball Z fans should be excited as there is some great news of an awesome and new movie arriving in 2015. A magazine in Japan announces that this movie was premier during Gold Week of next year. Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama personally takes credit for all the work being done within the movie as he takes part in the original concept, character design and screenplay.

Like the previous movie, this movie will also tell a new story, however it will also have a connection to the original manga. Akira is putting a lot of effort in the drawing as well as the small dialogue. He mentions that he’s planning on having more fights in the movie as well as utterly funny moments.

To put into perspective, Akira has also mentioned that his first manga editor has praised his work, however this editor never seems to give as good credit as he does to Akira. Akira also mentions that he is certain that fans will enjoy the movie to the fullest. Dragon Ball Z New 2015 Film


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  1. dreager1

    I’m looking forward to this one even if the last film was very disappointing. Apparently Toriyama has stated that Goku will not be using Super Saiyan 2 or 3 anymore since (spoilers) he infused God Mode within himself at the end of the last film. So his base mode is now as strong as his Super Saiyan God state and Super Saiyan 1 is all that he needs to maximize his potential since the energy drain would be too much after that. Hopefully Vegeta unlocks God Mode as well so he’ll be able to keep up


    1. Sunite

      I thought the last one was okay, from what I can remember the fight wasn’t that long. Plus it seemed like a very short movie all together. I need to watch all dbz movies and episodes because I’m such a noon at dbz lol. Vegeta always gives a good show since he’s not as strong and struggles to win, so its nice to see a longer fight/story.


      1. dreager1

        I highly recommend checking it out. I never get tired of watching DBZ since the fights are typically great in the show. You could always watch the Kai version since it’s a lot shorter, but there is some novelty in saying that you saw the original DBZ show. I highly recommend the films as well, or at least most of them. A few in there didn’t stack up well like Bio Broly, but no franchise can have all of the films be winners. You definitely won’t regret jumping into the series!


  2. AJ

    This just gave me life ?…is this going to be following after Gokus fight after Bills and will he be fighting any other gods?…and Vegeta having God mode is pretty bad ass..happy for him unlocking that ?


  3. mabritish

    haha the strongest guy is back on the lime light. dbz is my childhood anime and I thought after watching the other animes I will lose the love for it, but I simply can’t lol. though I think one piece has the potential of challenging that. luffy is more or less the same with goku, especially when it comes down to eating. in any case this is really a big news for sure. if goku is for sure as powerful as god mode at his base form, then akira is pulling all the shots to make sure that goku remains the most powerful anime main character of all times. and that seats well with me since goku is my childhood hero and I don’t want anyone to ever take that away from. I hope they also give vegeta the God mode to haha such arrogance and pride, hail king vegeta.


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