Obito obtains Mangekyou Sharingan – Obito’s Hell – Naruto 605

Naruto 605 gives some light into why Kakashi had to kill Rin, we also discover that as Kakashi kills Rin, both Obito and him receive the Mangekyou Sharingan, Obito also discoverers a hint of his true power when he fights and notoriously defeats a large number of Mist Ninja’s.

Naruto 605 continues on as Rin spews blood out while Kakashi doesn’t regret what he did. Kakashi takes out his right arm from Rin’s chest and Rin falls down. Obito looks towards Kakashi and Rin as it seems as though he murdered Rin. Surrounding Kakashi and Rin are a large number of Mist Ninja’s. One of them says that Kakashi took Rin out, just when they finally managed to get their hands on it.

It seems that they wanted something from Rin, Kakashi had to kill her for this sake. At this point, Kakashi is really weak, Obito is seen to get really pissed as the spirals surrounding him start to come back to his body. Both Kakashi raise their faces as they obtain the notorious Mangekyou Sharingan.

As Obito gets even more pissed and angry, Kakashi has run out of chakra, he closes he’s eyes while he cries, he also falls to the ground with no hope. Obito shouts to the heaven in order to get the Mist Ninja’s attention, he does this so they don’t get their hands on Kakashi and Rin.

He develops tree spikes on the right of his body. The Mist ninja’s throw some Kunai , but unfortunately they just go straight through. At this point, the Mist Ninja’s attack Obito but found that Obito’s Mangekyou Sharingan has just enhanced his strength and speed. He hits the Mist and grows his tree inside the ninja which basically kills him directly.

After this he starts to kill countless number of ninja’s, one after the other, they all go down. Obito is attacked by three ninja’s, he jumps and spin kicks all of them. The list the ninja’s have to do is to retrieve the girl, even her corpse will be important. Obito hears this and quickly uses his technique to get passed everyone.

He throws a wood piece and does a hand sign which quickly grows the wood piece piercing through the body of the ninja.s Obito then punches and kicks the Ninja’s face. Obito smashes the face of the Ninja, then grabs his head and pierces through it.

At this point, Obito is completely covered with blood from the mist ninja’s. Obito then uses his Genjutsu or his Mokuton to grow trees spanning towards the moon, in small spaces, it traps all the ninja’s within them, it then squeezes which bursts out blood from each and every ones body in the tree. At this point, blood rains from the skies towards the ground. At this point, Obito looks at the corpse of Rin saying that he’s in Hell. Naruto 605 ends here.

What a fantastic and crazy chapter. Obito just went all out using his Mangekyou Sharingan and Mokuton! It’ll be an interesting story line after this, and why was Rin so special that Kakashi had to kill her? We’ll probably find out later on! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 606, it’s going to be truly epic!

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    1. Sunite

      Hmm, I don’t remember Kakashi getting Mangekyou Sharingan in the anime, the only way to get the Mangekyou Sharingan is for the user to kill someone who is precious to them… and this is when he killed Rin and gained this ability, he can use it at different times


    1. Sunite

      He’s going to get the blame yeah, but there was a reason to why Kakashi had to kill her, I guess we can rule out the fact that it was a Zetsu Clone or some other illusion, because the Mist Ninja’s wanted the Rin for something…


  1. yuhrok

    I think Rin was a spy from the hidden mist that’s why kakashi had to kill her.. “At least obtain the body of that girl from the ENEMY” said the hidden mist ninja. so i guess they don’t want the hidden leaf to obtain intel from Rin..


    1. Sunite

      Hmmmmm very clever, I see what you did there, she could have been a high classed personnel or she had some information which needed to be harvested for the use of the Mist…


  2. SpaZI

    Rin can be a spy , or just a comrade which needed to be finished of by Kakashi to preserve village secrets aka; a kekei Genkai / Blood Line Limit…….. Another theory might be that Rin was the Jinchuriki for the 3-Tails hence to evade the possibility of the Tailed beast being captured by a rival village Kakashi chose to Execute Rin, which will Re-incarnate the 3-Tails after some time lapse…….

    Whats really confusing is that Kakashi was Extremly sad when Finishing off Rin, while Rin was surprised by Kakashi’z action…… And to top it all off the Mist Ninja (at the time of execution) exclaimed that they had been found out….. all three point to different directions….. =/

    Anyways Imba Jutsu by Obito…. Classic Badassness wiping out an entire Mist Ninja Battalion in one GO!!! 😀 And to top it all off he bathes in his Prey’s blood!!! :DD


    1. Sunite

      Yeah great theory’s the one i believe right now could be that she might be a spy, or that she had some kind of information or object or something important which mustn’t get into enemy hands. Or since Mist Ninja’s use mist to kill, Kakashi ended it quickly for Rin so that she wouldn’t get killed by someone else, it would be used for a better purpose = Mangekyou Sharingan, or they discussed it before that if they were in a bad situation, they would both kill each other..
      Who knew Obito would go this crazy after finding out that Rin is dead, who would have guessed lol, this is so badass lol


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