Eclipse Gate Opens! Natsu vs Future Rogue – Fairy Tail 191

Fairy Tail 191 (season 2 episode 16) enhances on who Future Rogue really is, to which his theory of Lucy closing the gate may in fact be true, as the Eclipse Gate Opens her will changes and she is possessed by something to which it leads her to close the gate. Natsu and Future Rogue battle it out to which it’s revealed that he has also defeated Future Sting and has absorbed his abilities too. 

Fairy Tail 191 begins as Lucy is told by Natsu that they need to run while Future Rogue tries to chase them down. Future Rogue mentions that he was killed by a dragon so it doesn’t matter if he dies now to which Future Rogue begins his own attack on Natsu. Natsu begins to get pumped up for the fight with an empty stomach.

Mirajane finds Yukino and tells her that she is not their bad luck, everything that has happened has happened for other reasons. Hisui begins the Eclipse Gate sequence to which the hand goes round and releases the locks on the gate. There doesn’t seem to be any signs of dragons from any direction. The whole city begins to evacuate.

Lucy and the others stumble upon the Eclipse gate to which it begins to open. Arcadios see’s them and tells them to come on out. The circumstances have changed and thus they need them there. Hisui tells them that she is sorry for what has happened and that it’s her fault, they also find out that Fairy Tail has won the games.

Lucy asks why she’s opening up the gate even if the dragons aren’t there. Arcadios asks where the other Lucy is to which it’s mentioned that she was murdered. Lucy tells them that she will not try and close the gate. Hisui tells her that the gate takes time to charge up so they’re opening up to do so.

In the Li In Crystal, Toma E. Fiore, is standing talking to the mages from various guilds asking them to participate in the fight against 10,000 dragons which are closely approaching. He also mentions that there is a gate which will be able to kill them, however some will survive and thus they will need to help in the killing of these dragons.

He asks them, to which each and every person cheers for him to which they’re happy to help out in defeating the remaining dragons. It also seems that Toma was the man behind the pumpkin man. Lahar and Doranbolt are faced by Jellal to which he has a request for them.

Natsu and Future Rogue both battle it out kicking butt. It seems that at every point Natsu seems to be stronger than Future Rogue. However Natsu notices that Future Rogue smells of evil. The Eclipse gate begins to open to which white smoke begins to come out.

It’s finally the 7th of July to which the day of destruction seems to have began. It seems to be the day the Dragons disappeared, and it also seems that they’ll come back. There is also a lunar eclipse happening at the same time.

The gate begins to slowly open, Natsu and Future Rogue fight to which they’re somewhat equally matched however Natsu seems to be taking much more damage. Future Rogue hurts Natsu hard to which he then enables his Lightning Fire Dragon Mode.

Future Rogue also has a trick up his sleeve to which he opens the White Shadow Dragon Mode to which he begins an quick attack on Natsu. Then then launches a number of great attacks hurting Natsu to heck as he’s unable to do a lot. Natsu is down and unable to do a lot. Future Rogue explains that he killed Sting and stole his power.

Future Rogue begins his final attack to which Natsu knows it could be his last, however someone appears and attacks Future Rogue from above, he quickly begins his escapes as Ultear and Meredy have appeared. They quickly go and help Natsu however seconds later he’s being pulled in by Future Rogue’s shadow.

Lucy and the others watch the Eclipse Gate open and are happy to see such a spectacle since so much power is stored in the Eclipse. It begins to slowly open, we see on Lucy’s face that something could be wrong. However seconds later we see she walking forward mentioning that it must be closed, we see in her eyes that she could be taken over by something. Fairy Tail 191 ends here.

What an incredible chapter, some awesome stuff have happened to which the next episode will certainly be something to watch. I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 192, when we finally see these hidden dragons show up out of nowhere.

What do you think?

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