Fairies In Your Heart – Fairy Tail Zero 1

Fairy Tail Zero 1 follows the story of Mavis Vermillion as we discover what happened before Fairy Tail itself as we see how Fairy Tail as a guild was built and made to what it is now. This is a monthly issue so it will get released monthly, not weekly. We follow Mavis’ journey within a Guild in Tenrou Island to which she gets bullied, however one day a fight breaks out and she’s the only remaining person there. Until a few people others arrive. 

Fairy Tail Zero 1 begins as a very live guild makes a lot of noise while a 6 year old Mavis Vermillion, reads her book. The master of the Red Lizard guild Jeself, knocks the book out of her hands telling her to go back to work cleaning both the inside and outside. He stomps on her book while others tell her to go and clean.

Jeself bullies her some more as he mentions that the boots she’s wearing is from him, and if he wants to take them back she can. He does this and thus has to go clean outside to clean while wearing no shoes. We then see another girl called Zeira who is Jeself’s daughter. They’re happy about her coming back from school.

We see Mavis nearly cry as she tells herself that if she cries she won’t get to see the fairies. Her parents had told her a story about the fairies. Her parent’s used to work in the Red Lizard guild however have now passed away. They also awed some money to the guild, and so in order to repair that debt, she works here.

She does everything and also gets a little food from them, this is why she won’t cry so she can see the fairies.  One day she hears a voice to which she runs out to see her whole village fighting as many are fighting for money as well as rights to the land. Mavis see’s Zeira trapped under a rock to which she is saved by Mavis.

Mavis tells Zeira who doesn’t want to leave that she must leave herself to herself and be like Mavis who leaves all those things in her heart. Zeira is inspired by her words to which she mentions that she could have been friends with her right. Mavis tells her that of course. However seconds later she collapses to which Mavis notices that she is dead.

She cries and cries to which she goes back to the village to notice that everyone has died. This had happened in Tenrou Island. After seven years we see a couple of people arrive to which we first meet Warrod Sequen, who we know as the Fourth Rank of the Ten Wizard Saints.

Then we meet Pracht Gaebolg, who is the second master of Fairy Tail and the future master of Grimoire Heart. Then we see the third member to be Yuriy Dreyar, Makarov’s father.  At this point it’s X868, to which the wheel begins to turn and Fairy Tail’s birth is just about to begin. Fairy Tail Zero 1 ends here.

A great chapter, and a start of an awesome new series. Although this is just a monthly series so it will get released every month. So when it’s available, I will go ahead and talk about it. Still let’s wait for the next Fairy Tail Zero 2.

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