Uryu Surpasses Juha Bach!? – Bleach 544 (Thoughts)

Bleach 545 clearly surprised me. I was looking at previous chapters all wrong, instead of looking at the obvious that Uryu actually survived the Mixed Quincy Selection, I thought that Ryuken had somehow hid himself or died, or that the Vandenreich aren’t Quincy’s at all. Bleach 545 put me back on the right track.

I personally think that Uryu is getting himself into something that he really doesn’t want to get, or rather he shouldn’t get into this situation because it’s most likely that he’s going to fail during another attack on Hueco Mundo or Soul Society. This will most likely prove to lose all trust and hope the Stern Ritters may have on Uryu as the successor.

However I could be wrong and it could work in the other way, that he actually activates his powers and becomes a Pure Quincy, to which he will be able to use his Blut as well as other special abilities. As I mentioned in previous posts, Haschwalth is not a good candidate to be his successor, my explanation to this is that he knows how the Vandenreich and Stern Ritter works, he knows it too well and trusts Juha Bach to work at his best.Juha Bach sheep

However Uryu, the successor, doesn’t have a clue. I think what Juha Bach is getting at here is that he wants something to drastically change the way the Vandenreich and all Quincy’s work. By making a change he wants to make it better. Juha Bach knows that Uryu is definitely clever, and by appointing him the successor, he might even able to make some changes for the better. It’s not fully clear what Juha Bach’s intentions are, maybe he wishes for Uryu to somehow make peace with the Shinigami. I know it’s a crazy idea, but the Vandenreich see Juha Bach as a strong leader who can take any enemy and defeat them. However if Juha Bach appoints someone who they know nothing about, it could change their view of their leader where they will follow the new King of peace. I think this may be a reference to the friction, as in some Quincy’s may not readily accept this but overtime it will get smoother.

Furthermore, we know that Jugram Haschwalth is Stern Ritter B, he obviously seems to be clever, even more than the Standard Quincy’s. For any other Stern Ritter, he was the obvious choice to replace Juha Bach however that didn’t work out. He knows Juha Bach better than anyone, and likewise he knows that with every decision he knows that Juha has his own intentions, we may not know it yet, but it’s most likely that we will.Urahara tries to find something

A small mystery that I noticed was that Bambietta Basterbine brought out something from her room, a mysterious box thing from her safe. Could it be that she’s going to go to assassinate Uryu or could she be planning something even more worst? Another small thing which we noticed was the experiment in which Urahara was doing, it looked a lot like the Quincy logo. Could this be hinting at the fact that the Vandenreich HQ is a lot closer than we think?

So what do you think of all that I’ve mentioned, do you agree? do you think it’s correct or wrong? Comment below.

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  1. rise

    so it’s possible that uryu is the last enemy for ichigo to fight unless he is still planning to get revenged on juha bach and somehow lose and get his power taken away


    1. Sunite

      Fully possible, until we see what Uryu’s intentions are, we won’t be able to see it fully. Personally a fght between ichigo and uryu will be awesome! Im waiting for that fight.


  2. Daniel

    I believe the “Quincy symbol* you mentioned is the medallion that kirge (quilge) used to try and steal ichigo’s bankai


  3. Linus135

    Urahara had some shady eyes and I couldn’t tell if they were good or bad :S I just hope they don’t make him into a “bad guy”.


  4. baters

    Isn’t Ichigo Mixed Quincy too? If so , he also survived Juha Bach’s Mixed Quincy selection and that makes him someone who surpasses Juha Bach’s power too , like Uryu.


    1. Sunite

      Hmmm thats true, we now know that Ichigo is a lot stronger now, however we haven’t seen Uryu’s true power yet… So we don’t know how powerful he really is…


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