Uryu Escaped Impure Quincy Purge! – Bleach 544

Bleach 544 by MissJasnVoorhees

Bleach 544 see’s why Uryu Ishida had escaped the Impure Quincy Purge, Juha Bach mentions that he posses something which even surpasses Juha Bach’s powers. Hashwalth describes Uryu to be trapped where he is, everyone will keep a close eye on him and if he betrays everyone will want his head. Urahara and the others are in Hueco Mundo looking for something useful which has been described by Urahara to take some time.

Bleach 544 begins as Ishida asks Juha Bach why he made him his successor, Juha Bach responds by asking if it’s a problem. Uryu mentions that making someone who just appeared out of nowhere his successor will only create friction amongst his army. Juha Bach tells him that this is a good thing, he doesn’t need or want sheep following him.

Juha Bach mentions that it’s not even sunk in, he also mentions that he has his reasons for picking Uryu as his successor, once Uryu realises this, it will all become clear. Uryu doesn’t seem to have realised it yet. Juha Bach asks him why he’s still alive at that point. Uryu quickly remembers. Juha Bach tells him that 9 years ago, during his Selection (Selektierung), all the Mixed Quincy (Gemischt) were purged except Uryu who is mixed. He therefore was described the sole Quincy that survived through the Selection.

This is why he had introduced him as the Last Survivor. He possesses something that can surpass Juha Bach’s powers. This is the reason why he was made his successor. Juha Bach tells him that shouldn’t worry about anything, he should not over-analyze things. And the only thing he should do is come with him. Uryu understands and only wishes for the best of his Majesty.

We move on to Bambietta Basterbine who asks a man to come over to her room, when he arrives, we see that he’s literally cut in half by her. While she prepares we see four members walk one, all Stern Ritters. They mention that she’s caused such a mess there. We’re introduced to Stern Ritter G Liltotto Lamperd, Stern Ritter P Meninas McAllon, Stern Ritter T Candice Catnipp and Stern Ritter Z Giselle Gewelle.

Liltotto mentions that spilling sweets and spilling blood are two different things, calling Bambietta a bitch. Meninas mentions that she should have at least done it outside. Candice mentions that it doesn’t matter if it’s inside or outside, she shouldn’t have done it altogether, especially guys like that. Giselle mentions that Candice seems to be taking all the young subordinates for a whirl.

They all notice something in particular on the wall. Bambietta asks for them to be quite for a second, she is worried about something, Candice asks about what. Bambietta mentions that she’s worried about the future of the Vandenreich. We see Haschwalth walk in and is welcomed by his maid.

Haschwalth tells her that it’s late and that she should go sleep. She steps in mentioning that she’s disappointed with what Juha Bach mentioned, she mentions that it should have been him. He asks if she’s disappointed, she seems to be, but she asks if he isn’t. Haschwalth mentions that this was his intentions from the beginning. He had calculated this, he wanted to purposely create chaos and friction in order to make everyone judge each other harsher and direct all those judgemental eyes towards Uryu.

So they could ask them what type of man he is, the kind of power he posses and how he processes information. By doing this, he will be left with a short leash which means the only thing he’s capable of doing is to devote himself to Juha Bach. This is even if realises Juha Bach’s true intentions.

We go to Hueco Mundo with Orihime, she seems to have arrived somewhere, she mentions that people say that travelling is considered training. She takes out a potato type thing, she imagines what Chad could be doing. She imagines him eating the snack, mentioning how good or bad the snack really is. She then talks to Pero who is currently accompanying her.

A flying bat like thing follows her, it mentions that Orihime shouldn’t make it blush. She also remembers that Urahara mentioned that Pero has a camera to monitor potential danger or if she’s ever in danger. Orihime mentions that she was in danger multiple times and he never showed up. Chad walks out and tells Orihime that it’s fine, she mentions that it’s okay and that she’s just there.

Chad mentions now every seems to be together. We see a man behind Chad who is covered in shadows, could this be Grimmjow? They walk in to see Urahara, it looks like they’ve arrived safely he mentions. He’s glad that they have, he also mentions that for what he’s doing, it seems like it will take some time. Bleach 544 ends here.

What a crazy chapter, we finally see that Uryu is also special, just like Ichigo, Uryu could even has his own powers to own and show off. This is getting better and better. Plus we’ve seen more characters and we’re back with Urahara’s adventures, when will we get to see who the mysterious man is? Can’t wait for Bleach 545.

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    Very good chapter, I really like it how Kubo made it cleared on the “whole last quincy” from last week (especially so soon, I thought it would take a while). The Huceo Mundo scene was interesting, nice to see some of the Arrancars we might see some more new faces.

    I was hoping we get more female quincies although there not quite what I expected but there alright, (I keep having this thought that the “T” Stern Ritter will fight Yoruichi, strangely because of the word “Cat” as the T girl has the word Cat in her last name as “Catnipp” and as we know Yoruchi can turn into a cat).


  2. Sriram

    That thing that is “going to take time” is apparently a Quincy Medallion that steals Bankai. I’m guessing that Urahara, in all his wisdom, has figured out how it works and how to counter it. I was hoping Mayuri Kurotsuchi would do it, although Urahara’s much smarter.
    But I’m not really fond of these lame “filler” chapters that only introduce new Quincies. I won’t be able to remember their weird names anyway. The only names I remember are the Quincies introduced in the previous Soul Society fight.
    I’m waiting to know how the captains are training.. especially those lame idiots who had their Bankai stolen. And what the heck happened to Unohana and Zaraki? Kubo is taking too long to reveal Zaraki’s Shikai. x_x


    1. Sunite

      Oh that could be a possibility. Mayuri is working with bodies, I think Quincy bodies which will help the Shinigami’s to counterattack the affect on Blut. Interesting, I like these chapters, they’re something new from the usual and they’re pretty good. Hahah I’m sure Kubo will make you remember the german/russian names somehow. Haha Toshiro and Sajin are both doing basic stuff. Want to see what the old dog, Sajins grandfather is doing.
      I’m sure we’ll get Unohana and Zaraki’s parts very soon.


    2. janoosen

      Zaraki’s zanpakuto has always been in Shikai. He’s like Ichigo, he has too much reiatsu so his zanpakuto is in constant released state. It’s his Bankai we’re going to get to see, most likely.


  3. Jugram Haschwalth

    Sternritter ” P ” Meninas Mcallon, she looks like orihime a pretty cute 😀 i like meninas…my fvorite chracter sternritter is yhwach, jugo, nakk le vaar and pretty cute lady meninas …..i love sternritters


  4. geo92

    I believe that guy behind sado is grimjow that was the most interesting part for me, for a second i thought he was finally gonna show up but now we have to wait longer, damn xD


    1. Sunite

      Agreed, I thought that he was going to come out just like Chad came out. But nop, Kubo still hides it for us, he wants to make a big entrance for Grimmy 😀 Hopefully it’ll be awesome!!


    2. criolle johnny

      It could be that officer from the “lost squadron”. The fella who helped Rukia when she and Renji went to help Ichigo.
      His fate was left in the air.


  5. janoosen

    Dayum, Bambietta is way cruel. Leading a guy on thinking he’ll get some then cutting him in half instead. Poor guy.

    I do hope it’s Grimmjow, he’s my favorite among the Espadas. The leg seems to be far too thin in proportion to the clothes for it to be Grimmjow though, but maybe that’s just a slight drawing mistake. I hope “everyone” refers to the remaining Espada.

    It feels a little like Tite is getting lazy with character designs. You have Meninas who strongly resembles Orihime, Candice who strongly resembles Matsumoto and Giselle who, if only slightly, resembles Rukia. It feels like he’s setting them up to fight these three. Well, Liltotto seems like a funny character. I hope she ends a lot of her sentences with “you bitch”.

    Slightly boring chapter overall, although the revelation that Uryuu possesses something that can surpass Juha Bach’s power was pretty interesting. Can’t wait for next week.


    1. Sunite

      Interesting, it surely covered a lot of things, It didn’t seem like a chapter which only showed one thing, like previous chapters. Hopefully Kubo can maintain a balance of showing us bit by bit more by more. Because it’s getting even more interesting then ever!!
      Hmm the resemblance yeah, but I think that’s just Kubo’s style. I strongly believe it’s Grimmjow, it couldn’t be no one else, it has to be him.


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