Omoi and 7 Young Shinobi’s – Naruto Shippuden 320

Lightning Style Team Thunder Bolt

Naruto Shippuden 320 makes me really happy because it’s the end of the filler episodes. Plus this current episode wasn’t as bad as the others. We see Omoi leave his post and head out towards another battlefield in which 7 young shinobi’s are placed. His smaller brother as well as 6 other well trained shinobi’s are there, they are faced by thousands of Zetsu which Omoi and a little of Naruto seem to get passed through.

Naruto Shippuden 320 begins in the HQ when they head that Omoi has left his place. The Raikage is angered by this while Kakashi gives them this report. Guy and the others such as Karui talk to Raikage mentioning that it wouldn’t be no mistake. Sai mentions that Omoi received a report from someone, he looked shocked when he heard it.

HQ mention that that there is a place where there are 2,000 Zetsu where some Hidden Mist shinobi’s might still be there. 24 were deployed, a supply unit never reached it’s destination. They ask who the supply unit are, it’s mentioned that it’s the Hidden Clouds Thundercloud Unit. Everyone is shocked at this, Tsunade asks who they are. Raikage mentions that it’s a unit made of young children, Karui calls Omoi an idiot.

They check that there are still 7 chakra in that place and that Omoi must be kidding himself as they’re ready to give up their lives to do their country proud. While Karui mentions this, Omoi pops into the conversation mentioning that they’re still alive. He talks to them asking for 1 hour to which he will bring them back. Omoi runs off, he knows that it’s a long shot, even for him.

Tsunade mentions that Kakashi, Lee, Guy and Sai can handle everything in that area, even after losing such a powerful person, they can handle it. Tsunade asks for a clone from Naruto to go to that place, she mentions that a clone can compare to a village. Omoi mentions that he can do it in half an hour, then see’s the real thing when he mentions that it could also take 3 hours.

He gets there to see a large number of Zetsu’s coming out of the ground. He goes the attack but against so many of them, he won’t be able to make much of a difference. They all attack when Naruto shows up, Omoi remembers when Karui was punching him. Naruto creates Rasengan’s and creates a 360 wave to which it destroys a lot of the Zetsu’s. Naruto tells Omoi that the kids are alive and that he should save them.

Naruto quickly attacks them while Omoi follows, Naruto keeps on taking them one by one. Omoi goes for an attack when he accidentally attacks Naruto who turns into smoke. He realises that he’s screwed. Furthermore he thinks that Naruto thought that he could take care of them. He gets into a pink smoke in which the Zetsu’s are turning pink in colour. He notices that it’s poisonous gas.

Omoi notices a massive statue in which a lot of Zetsu’s are surrounding it. He’s sure that they’re in there. He takes a large breath and goes down, quickly eliminating the Zetu’s close by. He see’s a headband which he wears. Keeps on going believing that they’re still alive. We go to the kids where they’re under a thing. From where, we move to the past a little to when they were ambushed. The Zetsu’s showed up and they were forced to get into the statue, below a vent type thing.

They mention that they will be there sooner rather than later. They can’t seem to be able to do much, Yukai is a little mad at himself. He mentions that they should go out in a big bang. Omoi can’t get closer so he get into a river close by. He see’s a beetle like animal in the water releasing air, which he is able to take in to replenish his supply. He enables his water and gets out of the water.

The kids come out and begin to attack, Yukai see’s a headband to which he then notices his bigger brother Omoi. They get together and quickly enable their move. Their Lightning Style, Team Thunder Bomb which kills most of the Zetsu’s and pushes all the pink smoke away from them. Omoi mentions that the red surface is rich in moisture. Omoi notices that he’s used a lot of his chakra, however the kids get up and begin to fight while he relaxes. He fights for their own sake.

After a while he contacts HQ and tells them that the kids are fine, Kurai is still surprised and calls Omoi stupid for various reason. Furthermore Raikage also gets in and tell him to return to his position to which he quickly runs towards. Karui is happy that he did go and save the kids. Naruto Shippuden 320 ends here.

What an awesome episode. For next week’s Naruto Shippuden 321, we return to normal as we go finally go back to the true story set in the manga itself. There will be a change in when I will narrate next week’s episode because I won’t have computer access nor will I watch the episode after that. I’m going on a holiday. Anyways I will try and tell everyone when I can narrate that episode.

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