Get the Infinity Clock Back! – Fairy Tail 141

Fairy Tail 141 reveals a lot more on how important the Infinity Clock is and why it should be hunt down and obtained by the Fairy Tail. The Oracion Seis have the clock but know that it is not yet complete. The Fairy Tail Guild find out a little more on the author of the Key of the Starry Heaven book, at the end each person in the guild are put into unique groups and sent to varies places.

The episode starts off as the Oracion Seis discuss that they may have the clock but it’s not yet finished, they still need something very important. To obtain great power, they need to first sacrifice something suitable is the price that must be paid to obtain the great power from the Infinite Clock.

At the Fairy Tail HQ, Makarov had been summoned by the council because they may have taken part in the release of the Oracion Seis. They discuss a few other fact which taken part around 7 years ago about the Oracion Seis, they also discuss that they couldn’t do anything to stop or even slow them down during their fight. They all blame themselves. Erza tells everyone that the first thing they need to do is to find Oracion Seis and take the clock from them.

The Raijinshu come back from their job all happy, until they find out what had currently happened to the guild. They find out and then realize that they are in a bad condition. Freed had also heard something when he was listening in to some soldiers at a church, they had mentioned that a man with a large sickle and another with tremendous speed had destroyed the church.

At another church, the Oracion Seis are waiting to attack, the church reels his machine all ready for his chance to destroy the church. They all split up to get the job done as quickly as they can, Angel mentions that their job today is the same as yesterday, Grim Reaper hears this and remembers that he had not done this yesterday, it seems as though he’s being controlled by a higher force. Angel tells him that he doesn’t need to remember anything, he just needs to follow orders.

Cobra gets ready and starts be destroying the church with the help of Angel, she gets her coins out and gets a massive beast out to destroy a lot of the soldiers. Cobra then detects that someone he’s looking for is using magic which conceals them away, therefore making them undetectable, it seems that this person has the same features as Cobra, possibly a family member of Cobra. Cobra attacks the church with no hesitation.

Angel and Cobra start talking, Angel tells him that she likes Cobra because he seems to be very cold inside, caring for no one, not even himself. It seems that Cobra is looking for someone, possibly someone who can be used as the sacrifice for the Infinity Clock. Angel then reminds him that they’ve got their order to follow thus it’s not the time to thinking about their own tasks. Cobra says that once this person is found, he will kill her to obtain a power he’s been searching for such a long time.

Kinana is seen sleeping when a cobra type shape appears above her, she wakes up and goes to the main room with a fork in her had, she start chipping the wall in front of her with strange letters.

Byro and his team of Legions are joined by his holiness, he says that they will be joined by a new member which will help them to fulfill their task. They are joined by a large animated doll type person who is not even a human. This is Gatman Kubrick which has the powers of Rapture Magic.

Gildarts and Laki have gone to the place where Michelle’s clan was. The Lobster Clan seem to have left behind everything, all the builds and plantations are all dead and are all rotting.

Back at Zentopia, as their talks carry on, Dan asks for a favor, he asks when their task has been complete, that Coco is let free with them again, she had made a mistake and will no longer make a mistake after the punishment she is getting. She was born with the Zentopia and has full faith with them. The only way to get her released is to fulfill their task.

Lahar meets with Cardinal Rapowant, who talks to him about the disappearance of the Oracion Seis from the prisons. He states that there was a usual visitor from the church, one of which could have helped them to escape. Lahar is stopped by Rapowant, he tells him not to speak anymore because if he blames the church, there could be a political problem. Lahar is told to leave, he then realizes that what Rapowant’s attitude showed was that he was angry about this, thus Lahar could have suspected even more.

Back at the Fairy Tail HQ, Kinana has written on the wall, it seems that Levy is able to read it, Freed reveals that this text seems to be about a Will Neville, who was the author of the book. Will had contracts with many Celestial Spirits, he was also a part of the Zentopia, he had many disciples, but after he died, his disciples had dispersed and their whereabouts are unknown.

Lucy gets a Biographical Dictionary out from the library out, she searches for Will Neville to reveal that he was a Cardinal at the Zentopia, he had many achievements but left the church for a very long time, then he became an author after so many years of disappearance.

It was said that the Infinity Clock belonged to the church, and the Key of the Starry Heavens book had belonged to Will Neville who was a part of the church at one point. Natsu gets angry and doesn’t get anything of whats going on. If only they knew where the Oracion Seis are, they would know where they would strike next.

Cana wakes up and tells them that she’s able to help in finding where the best place to go to find them is. She uses her cards and throws them at a map, the cards have pictures of each of person.

The Oracion Seis keep on attacking with no sign of stop. They state they do not have much time left because they must obtain the vessel for doing and operating the Infinity Clock.

Cana throws her cards, it’s revealed that Gray and Freed are in one team. Erza, Evergreen and Max are in one team. Next up is Gajeel and Juvia in that team. Next is Bickslow and Wendy in another team. Then it’s Happy, Carla and Panther Lily, finally the last team is Natsu, Lucy, Elfman and Michelle with Romeo tagging along with them. Juvia wants to change but it’ll be hell if they do.

Coco notices that there is someone else within the cage she is in, it’s another curator from a church who was chased down. His holiness arrives to ask him a question, Rapowant tells Coco to observe as he kills the curator for the church because he did not answer his question of who and where the disciples of Neville are.

Somewhere else, we see a girl holding a green Plue. This girl has dark blue short hair, they both look very unhappy. It seems that this girl could be a disciple of Neville as she’s able to call forth a Plue. She faces a large tree. After some time, Natsu, Elfman, Lucy, Michelle and Romeo are found themselves facing Byro and the large slot machine character. Fairy Tail 141 ends here.

Well that was certainly a long episode, because this is possibly the most I’ve written for an individual episode. Well the arc is slowly and surely getting more and more exciting. Although there may be too many things going at the same time. However I think that next week’s Fairy Tail 142, titled, “Battle Discord” is going to have some awesome fights featuring the usual Natsu.

What do you think?

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