Fairy Tail vs Sabertooth Begins! – Fairy Tail 293

Fairy Tail 293 explains why the fight between Fairy Tail vs Sabertooth is going to be one which is seriously going to be amazing! We see the fight between Blue Pegasus vs Quatro Puppy, Blue Pegasus winning with a surprise guest. Mermaid Heel vs Lamia Scale, both draw, until the match between Fairy Tail vs Sabertooth is finally going to start.

We start Fairy Tail 293 as the Tag Battle within the 4th Day starts off. We start the first Tag battle with  Blue Pegasus’s Ichiya and the person in the rabbit costume vs Quatro Puppy’s Bacchus and Rocker. Rocker tells Bacchus that they need to do this wildly because their opponents are very tough.

Ichiya tells the bunny that it’s the time that he takes his mask off to show his real identity. As he goes to take it off, everyone starts to get excited, once the bunny takes off the mask, everyone is shocked to see double as Ichiya’s double appears, it seems that the Nichiya from Extalia has appeared.

Both of them start their attack by using their Double Ikemen Attack, at this point Erza faints as she two people who she hates most. Ichiya tells Nichiya that it’s fantastic too see himself because it must be a real destiny for him. After no warning, Bacchus quickly attacks and Nichiya quickly goes down. It seems that Nichiya has gone down for good.

Bacchus tells Ichiya to step messing around because they’ve got nothing to hold back anymore as they do not want to lose this match. Rocker attacks Ichiya, then right after Bacchus attacks with his Drunken Hanging Palm Moon Down. Ichiya sees Nichiya down, both Bacchus and Rocker go for their final attack when Ichiya regrets asking Nichiya to join him as he’s currently down.

Ichiya gets really pissed and starts to transform into a large size of himself telling them that this beautiful perfume is his Hohoemi, he says with a smile. After no delay Ichiya quickly smashes both of them into the air, thus they both lose the match. The Winner is Blue Pegasus.

The next match starts with Lamia Scale’s Lyon and Yuka vs Mermaid Heel’s Kagura and Millianna. The match is not shown but it ends in a drawn after the 30 minutes of playing. Yuka notices that Kagura has never gotten serious at any point she fights. Millianna asks her if she’s okay, Kagura replies with a yeah and tells Millianna that Lyon has some potential.

The next match is about to start, the arena is heated as they do not want to miss this amazing battle. The emblems of both Fairy Tail and Sabertooth go up. The guild known as the strongest sever years ago will battle against the one that currently claims that title. Both teams walk into the field.

Fairy Tail’s Natsu and Gajeel vs Sabertooth’s Sting and Rogue will have a one to one match. All four of them are dragon slayers. One said to be powerful than the other. Both First, Second and even Third Generations of Dragon Slayers. All their magic was made to be used to kill the dragons.

Sting tells Natsu that he’s been waiting for this. Somewhere else within a world filled with lava. We see someone say Vice Logia, Skyadrum. A dragon appears to say that it was a dragon slayer that this person had created. He tells them to watch what they are made off.  The dragon speaks to keep watching if these Humans can exceed dragons, or could it just be empty dreams. The time for us to take action is drawing close, the dragon king festival will soon be upon us says this dragon, seems it looks like Igneel.

All four of them face each other as the time has finally come for the battle to start. The battle to protect their pride and protect their bonds with their fists has finally arrived. Who will Win? The Fairy or the Tiger! Four Dragons have now been released onto the battlefield! Fairy Tail 293 ends here!

What a fantastic build up to such a fantastic fight! I seriously can’t wait for the amazing fight between these two fantastic guilds! This will determine what actually happens and who the most powerful dragon slayer is! Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 294, titled Battle of the Dragon Slayers”.

What do you think?

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