Daily Anime Art turns 1 Year Old!

It’s finally here! Daily Anime Art turns 1 Year Old! It’s been an amazing time and it’s been awesome writing all the fantastic blog posts. I am nowhere near from giving up on Daily Anime Art because it’s just incredible providing lovable and awesome Anime Art both from Manga’s and Anime’s to you guys! It’s all thanks to you guys that we’ve grown so much! Thank You!

Technically, I did get Daily Anime Art back in February 2011 but started posting daily on a regular basis from the 27th of July 2011, so I consider that day special as Daily Anime Art was officially born!

With over 500 blog posts, nearly 2 Million views and over 2100 comments, and growing quickly. Daily Anime Art has built itself a strong fan community dedicated to awesome Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail! I want Daily Anime Art to keep on growing even bigger, and hopefully you do too!

Ps. Don’t forget to take part in the awesome competition to Win your Naruto T-Shirt! And thanks to Sarsie for the awesome Chibi drawings of Ulquiorra and Orihime.

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  1. Drlinux

    Congratulation sunite & happy birthday dailyanimeart.com wishing to see it a 100 years old XD

    just keep up the great works this site is the best reference for all manga events plus colored and this a rare compeniation to find in the web.

    regards and have fun ^_^


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