Win a Naruto T-Shirt – Daily Anime Art Competition

Would you like to win a Free Naruto T-Shirt? Then your on the right place! The lucky winner will get their hands on their brand new Naruto T-Shirt sent to them via the post anywhere around the world! The image of the T-Shirt is below.

This is Daily Anime Art’s first ever Competition, so I’m hoping it all goes well. You must be wondering, How do I get my hands on the T-Shirt? Well it’s easy, all you have to do is participate.

The more you take part here, on Daily Anime Art’s Facebook Page, Google+ Page and Twitter Page, the higher the chance for you to get noticed by me and so I’ll pick the person who’s participated the most to win the Naruto T-Shirt. So go Like, Circle and Follow Daily Anime Art to get one step closer to winning that awesome Naruto T-Shirt! Also make sure you’re subscribed to Daily Anime Art using the subscribe box on the right of the home page.

Get ahead of everyone else by re-sharing this to your friends:

I will keep watch of everything and everyone, so the more you participate and communicate within the 500+ posts here, share on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, the higher the chance you’ll have of being the prize holder. If you’ve made something, done something special or just found a funny image that I should check, just post it on any of Facebook, Google+ or Twitter Pages! And finally just enjoy the competition, I’m most likely to do another one so please tell me what you’d like the prize to be.

The competition will start on the 23/07/2012 and ends on the 30/07/2012. So keep on participating till then. Once the winner has been picked, I will personally contact them via their email, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter so keep a look out, you might be the lucky winner so don’t miss this opportunity, take part!

There are 5 comments

  1. zla92

    Cool prize and competition but i wont be trying to win it by force. I already liked the fb face and am posting here on things i find interesting. Good luck everyone! :p


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