Sakura on the River – Naruto

So there hasn’t been much love for Sakura lately. She’s lost a lot of airtime within the Anime and doesn’t seem to be in the manga within the later chapters. Seems like Masashi Kishimoto has completely forgotten about her.

Well don’t worry, I’ve taken the time to show her some love on Daily Anime Art by posting this fantastic art which has been drawn by Darkartmind87. You should definitely go and check out his awesome fan arts.

Personally I think Masashi Kishimoto is holding out on us with Sakura, there must be a reason why he’s not showing her, possibly when Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura all meet up Kishimoto could delay and drag the episode by showing Sakura’s rage and power as she forcefully fights to get Sasuke back. She cries in front of both of them showing how many feelings she had while she  was fighting.

What are your thoughts on this, do you think that she will somehow interfere the long waited fight between Naruto vs Sasuke, or will she actually get Sasuke back?

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  1. Johannes

    That’s some sexy Sakura right there.
    And yes, I think she will shine towards the end of the story, only if Kishimoto won’t forget about her again.


    1. Sunite

      Yeah thats very true, personally her emotions now are just sad, sad and more saddness, it’ll be hard for Kishimoto to prove that Sakura’s emotions are somewhat overwhelming because im kind of tired to see her sad all the time Sasuke’s there…


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