Tobi’s Mask Cracks! – Naruto’s Mini Bijuu Dama – Naruto 595

Naruto 595 continues on from last week’s fight with Naruto vs Tobi. The fight continues as Naruto gets into his fantastic Bijuu Mode to fight the terribly powerful Tobi. They keep on fighting but at each point Tobi seems to counter attack any and all attacks purposed by Naruto, Kakashi or Guy.

Naruto 595 starts out as the Gedo Mazo screams out to the top of his lungs as he’s being used as the vessel to bring back the Ten Tails! Kakashi and Guy notice that the Gedo Mazo is bleeding from its eyes due to the amount of pain it must be in. Naruto looks at Tobi, Tobi does the same and looks back to Naruto, it seems it’s finally time to fight, putting everything at stake!

Naruto transforms into his Bijuu Mode then makes a copy using his Shadow Clone technique. Kakashi asks Naruto if he knows about his power. Kakashi tells him that he has to aim for when he’s about to absorb, when he’s at a solid state, because normal attacks will just slip through him. Guy tells Naruto that he must feint in order to capture Tobi within his technique. Naruto tells them that he knows what to do.

Naruto starts to do his technique when Kakashi tells Bee to take him up, Naruto starts to build his technique when Kakashi and Guy both do the same. Naruto enables his Chou Mini Bijuu Dama, Kakashi enables his Mangekyou Sharingan and Guy takes out his Soushuuga which seem to be some Nunchucks.

Naruto’s clone goes for the attack but fails as he slips thorough Tobi. Tobi then takes out his Gunbai to smack the clone into dust. He disappears when the real Naruto is coming, he stretches his arm but that goes through Tobi too. Tobi goes towards Naruto when Guy appears above them, he uses his nunchucks to place one of them in Tobi’s head so he doesn’t capture Naruto.

Tobi goes through Naruto when Guy smacks one of his nunchucks on the Gunbai, Tobi deflects his technique. Tobi throws some Kunai’s which Guy deflects.Guys goes to attack and both of them have a one to one match where they throw some punches, Tobi goes through Guy and tries to attack from behind, but Guy protects himself by placing the nunchucks there.

Naruto getting some time quickly uses his Mini Bijuu Dama to attack Tobi. Somewhere else, Kakashi is trying to kill the Gedo Mazo, he enables his Mangekyou Sharingan. Tobi escapes Naruto’s Mini Bijuu Dama attack. Kakashi tries to suck in by sing his technique but fails as Tobi somehow disables the use of that technique.

Tobi uses a technique to allow for the disappearance of the Gedo Mazo, it seems that Naruto is able to detect where it’s gone with his high spiritual powers. Naruto keeps going up when Tobi just keeps following him to capture him. Naruto notices that Tobi uses his Gunbai to capture Naruto by blocking his escape way.

Guy notices that it’s hard for them to get to Naruto because the rocks are in the way falling from the sky. Kakashi takes a Kunai out and enables his famous Raikiri on it. As Naruto tries to keep calm, Kakashi cuts through the rocks using the kunai and his Raikiri. Kakashi launches the Raikiri kunai at Tobi while Tobi starts to get his hands on Naruto.

The Kunai gets to his head when Tobi’s hands gets to Naruto. Naruto backs off a bit when Tobi uses the power of the kunai to redirect it to Naruto. Kakashi uses his Mangekyou Sharingan to dissolve the kunai so it doesn’t hurt Naruto.

At this point of materialization, Naruto quickly uses his extended arm to direct his hit to Tobi’s head. Tobi drops to his feet on the ground, Kakashi and Guy get back together, Kakashi asks how they can beat him even when that kind of attack doesn’t work on him. At this point a crack within Tobi’s mask is revealed! Naruto 595 ends here!

WOW the first sign that Tobi is human appears! The cracks proves next time Naruto will use an even more powerful technique to knock that mask off Tobi’s face! Hopefully this is the first piece evidence we get that Tobi’s mask will be coming off soon! Seriously can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 596 chapter! It’s going to be epic!

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  1. zla92

    Pretty intense fighting. I wonder how they will manage to overcome Tobis space time ninjutsu. Its already been a pain in the ass. Also epic color pages.


    1. Sunite

      Tobi’s not going to give up using it because its like his signature move… Possibly if Naruto somehow does the feint properly and smacks him with his Mini Bijuu Dama, he’s going to kick some serious Tobi ass! Specially to remove the mask, want to see who he is…
      ps. you should take part in the competition 😀 Although I think whoever comments anywhere is taking part 😛


      1. zla92

        You are right, if someone hits he is done for it but the hitting part will be very difficult. I wonder why he hasnt used the Rinnegan. Maybe he cant? Its handy in direct combat.


  2. Gold nagato

    This is quite epic Naruto seems not to be able to take out tobi in his current state but i think in the next manga he do some damage


    1. Sunite

      Thats truee, Tobi is certainly an epic opponent… It’s going to take some serious speed to get some critical damage on Tobi. Starting with the mask, if he gets the Mini Bijuu Dama then the mask is going to shatter into a million pieces.. we’re going to see who he really is…
      ps. you should take part in the competition i’ve put, anyone can win 😀


  3. Gbachi

    I think that Tobi is Obito, because some people say that he is Madara. And if he was Madara, his soul would still be inside his body, but he was brought back by the Edo Tensei so this proves that Tobi is not Madara. And again why did he ask Kakashi if he knew who he was because he said he didnt remember faces. And howcome in his former mask it was only his right eye that was good; because he gave Kakashi his left eye. And the reason why they can both do the same technique i.e the kamiu (a technique that allows the user to send his opponent to another dimension). Like when Kakashi used it against Deidara, it means that they must be linked somehow and maybe Obito survived the crushing and became Tobi. And why does he know so much about Konoha and knew most of their names, it means that he must have been a member of Konohaand later joined the akatsuki,and the only member that knew who he was, was Itachi. I dont meto be rude to those that say that Tobi is not Obito but I just think that he is.


    1. Sunite

      Hmm that could be correct, and yeah agree that Madara cannot be in two places at once… thus the soul must only reside within one place…. It was very mysterious when Tobi say about the remembering faces because Kakashi himself may have a few hints on who it may be… It all very suspicious, plus it seems that Tobi had been with the Uchiha for a very long time.. Yeah I guess your theory could also be correct, although other people also have their opinions..


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