Sakura’s Amnesia – Road To Sakura – Naruto Shippuden 271

Naruto Shippuden 271 is a filler episode for the upcoming Road To Ninja movie. Sakura loses her memories, or it seems, as she meets her friends and her parents. She then slowly remembers clearly when she meets her parents for the second, to see that the necklace she had is more than just a lucky charm.

The episode start off as Ino walks through the forest to find some flowers and such as she runs some errands for her families shop. She looks up to see a bright light then notices someone falling from the sky, she hears Sakura’s voice, when she goes to check it out she notices that Sakura had got herself caught in the trees above her.

Ino notices this and quickly takes her to Tsunade to see if she can help her out. Tsunade suggests that she’s fine but the only different thing is that she doesn’t remember a thing, she suggest that it could be amnesia. Ino asks how long this could last, Tsunade responds with an I don’t know.

Sakura asks if her Tsunade’s boobies have always been so large, she pokes it to make sure their real when Tsunade angrily knocks some sense to Sakura, both Ino and Shizune hold Tsunade back as she may have taken what Sakura did as an insult. As Shizune goes to help Sakura, Sakura calls Shizune underdeveloped, angrily Shizune also knocks some sense to Sakura, both Tsunade and Ino now try to hold Shizune back.

Both Ino and Sakura are now walking around the village to see if she can remember anything, but it seems that she can’t remember a thing except some bits and bobs, everything seems to be foggy. Ino takes Sakura to her house. Sakura notices that she’s got a good house.

Ino finds out that Sakura’s parents are not there. Ino tells her a bit of information about herself like she was born in this house. Ino then decides to go to Naruto’s house to check if he’s there, but they notice that he’s not there, he may have gone a mission. Ino then brings up Sasuke, and still Sakura can’t remember. Ino tells her that she promises that she will get her memory back no matter what.

Ino gathers some friends, everyone is disappointed that she can’t remember anything. So they are willing to help her remember anything from her foggy brain. All she can remember are the useless and non-important things.

At the park, Shiba and Akamaru are dressed up in  some kind of baby looking customer, Shino gathers some plants which specifically eat bugs which Shino tries to raise. When he falls, Hinata visits him wearing a very sexy, cute dress. She tells him that they are doing this for Sakura so they have to try.

Neji notices what they are doing is outrages and stupid because it’s unlikely to help her with anything. Sasuke is talking to Choji, she decides that she’ll give him a mask covering his mouth. She then tells Shikamaru to swing within the swing with a stupid look in face with a smile.

At the end of that nothing worked. It seemed that nothing will work on Sakura. She is hurt as she hears a ding. Her parents arrive, they say that they had to get some cloths and such which was some distance away. Ino tells them that there has been a problem.

At this point, Sakura looks at them with a shocked face, at the same time she is crying as though she hasn’t seem them for some time. Sakura runs away as quickly as she can as she’s been hurt somehow by someone or somewhat.

Ino chases up to her to ask whats going on. She tells her that she didn’t know what came over her. As Sakura goes to check for the pendant, she notices that it’s not there. Sakura starts to freak out as it may be important to her. Her mother and father catchup to her.

Her father tells her that she had dropped the pendant just before she left. He then reveals that he has the same exact one. She then finally remembers a moment when there is a war in her village with the whole village burning. She’s still little when she sees her parents give her the pendant. It seems that they had never returned back from this fight.

She then returns from the conscious dream to see her parents give it to her. She then lunges herself to them to hug them. She then tells them that she loves them with all her heart. A few moments later they leave.

Sakura explains that one day she was sent by Tsunade’s order to go to this place, but a white light appeared and the tree she was standing on had disappeared. She fell and somehow  meant that she was directly transported somehow to this world. Sakura realizes that she’s the other Sakura from this world and that she’ll be fine.

Ino also realizes this and asks herself where the real Sakura has gone! A red moon appears. After this a random news report type show appears to explain where each force is. There are currently 3 main points of fight, they try to connect to individual people to ask for an interview but fail. Naruto Shippuden 271 ends here.

Well that was certainly a okay-ish episode. Explained and hinted at the types of things which were going to come up in the latest Naruto: Road To Ninja movie. Hopefully it does get released soon. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 272, titled “Mifune vs Hanzo” is likely to be an epic one, also everything starts up again for normal, no more fillers (hopefully).

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  1. zla92

    It was kinda interesting to see the alternate Sakura change the currenct characters. Now i ask myself why the evil Naruto was sent to this timeline as well. We know he is the masked man from the new movie. Or am i too much thinking as it is only a filler? lol

    PS Damn that plant by Hinata! #nosebleed


    1. Sunite

      HAHA nosebleed xD lol

      I think this filler gives a idea of whats likely to happen in the movie. Possibly Naruto will go the an alternative world where his parents are alive, it was possibly due to a technique used by Tobi…. Akatsuki looks for him to his the nine tails…. etcc

      And what evil Naruto are you talking about? and WHATT Evil Naruto is the Tobi in the movie?? WTF??


        1. Sunite

          Wait…. are you saying that this could be Tobi? Tobi being Evil Naruto!? wow… although they look very similar, the second image, Evil Naruto doesn’t have the Rinnegan or the Sharingan.. Or this is the past Evil Naruto, who grows up into Tobi? This is seriously blowing my mind hah xD


          1. zla92

            Yea but only in the alternate timeline. Forget the real Tobi as this is only about the movie. Its a fact that the masked man in the movie is evil alternate Naruto. 😛


            1. Sunite

              OMG that opens loads of different characters…! If this is evil Naruto as Tobi in the movie, and in the latest chapter, Tobi said about forgetting face easily in the chapter, possibly Tobi is Evil Kakashi??!


              1. zla92

                Good one, can see Kishi pulling that off.

                Worst thing is that the movie has laready been released but we have to wait additional 9 months. I hope they put an raw version online soon provided someone recorded. Life can be so harsh with fans. 😦 lol


                1. Sunite

                  Yeah that’s correct, all the subbers have to wait for the DVD/Blu Ray to come out until they can sub it and distribute it… It’s a bummer waiting for it 😦 Although I’m not too bothered about it because it wont even connect with the manga, or even suggest who the manga tobi is…


    1. Sunite

      Lool, Although everything else was kind of boring lol, I was surprised at the fact that they had a poster of the movie lol..
      Would have been funny if someone had noticed it lol


  2. Katerina

    I loved this episode – one of the fillers i enjoyed. Sakura is my favourite character…to be honest i really did not understand the different worlds thing.


    1. Sunite

      Well, it was obviously promoting the movie, we saw that a different Sakura had arrived in our usual world, the world which this Sakura belong to is the world where the Movie takes place in…


  3. mawara

    What!!!!! such pain,I thought sakura will get special power but all of this is nothing only a flim promotion ? crap dude! don’t tell me that and kishimoto always disappoint sakura’s fan by showing this stupid kind of stuff with her and only high lighting sasuke,naruto totally unfair hope she will get special power in this war 🙂 plzzz kishi


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