Juvia with Gray or Lyon? – Fairy Tail

For you Fairy Tail Fans, I want to ask who you think would be a better couple. Juvia and Gray or Juvia and Lyon? Both Gray and Lyon have been brothers when their adopted mother Ur was alone, she acted both as their teacher and mother whilst Ur real daughter, Ultear had been presumed dead.

Juvia currently has the hots for Gray, but Juvia may be building a spot for Lyon in her heart after she was saved by him. Do you think Juvia will fall for Gray or Lyon?

The two incredible images of Lyon, Juvia and Gray were drawn by Oinochoe, go check out her fantastic Fairy Tail Fan Art out! She’s got some amazing which you’d instantly love.

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    1. alex

      As much as i want lyon to end up with juvia , i know that is never gonna happen cause juvia is obviously gonna end up with grey. I would love it if juvia and lyon somehow happens, cause lyon is much better for juvia than grey, grey just totaly ignors her( but now he has opened up to her a little) as much as grey has tortured juvia, even though he knew she had feelings for him, he shouldn’t end up with her, i mean if grey liked her he would have given her an answer, so if they end up togather it’s gonna have a forced love feeling on me. Lyon is a much better guy for juvia than grey , cause lyon is an awsome character who understands juvias feelings much better than grey and he could do anything for her happiness, so i think juvia should see that, and understand his love for her, she should leave grey alone cause i think thats whats best for him too, grey should end up with someone who he has feelings for, so he should end up with someone stronge and smart , basically someone like erza( not erza but someone like erza), juvia’s love for grey reminds me of sakura and sasuke , even though juvia has potential to become an amazing character, her fangirl personality is just so irritating, so i ship lyonxjuvia. But it is obvious that juvia is gonna end up with grey, but whatever, but because this is gonna happen anyway, i just hope lyon gets someone amazing like maybe kagura.


  1. LyonXJuvia GraXJuvia ???

    I’m not sure. I think she’ll stay with Gray as well but its hard to say. (Especially when I can’t decide between Lyon and Gray for Juvia!!! Dx)


    1. Sunite

      hmm agree lol, it’s hard because Lyon wants Juvia, and Juvia wants Gray.. Gray needs to man up before Juvia is gone, they’re both water and ice types, making for an awesome couple..


    1. Sunite

      Agree 😀 hopefully he will, before it’s too soon, but for the heck of it, the author might want to make it too late and make a love story type thing for Gray and Juvia, where he tries and gets her back… maybe?


  2. Eduardo G.

    I don’t like Lyon, and gray/juvia couple is kinda cute soooo yeah. I love those two together, and at the end gray will end up with juvia


  3. Kristine

    It would be perfect if juvia ends with gray but the problem is that Gray doesnt show any love affections towards Juvia while Juvia is trying her best to be Gray’s girl.But when Lyon came,I started to think that Lyon and Juvia should be “together” because a boy needs to make a move,not a woman and I believe Lyon is perfect for her even though I like Gray ever since but I just feel super sorry to Juvia for she is so kind and does everything for Gray and yet he doesnt feel the same and ignores her….unlike Lyon,he even showed her affections toward Juvia even making her blushed! Thats a MAN!!! :))) Be a Man GRAY!! lawwl ❤


    1. ¥eh

      yeah i suppose so BUT Juvia has sincere feelings for Gray. Lyon just likes Juvia because she’s pretty.. a relationship like that will crumble. I personally am in favor of Juvia and Gray because i don’t like Lyon (he just came in and took Juvia, while Gray was “with” her longer) and Gray will definetly come out for Juvia! If he saved her life when he first met her, that relationship is definitley worth it. If Juvia starts liking Lyon more i will go from naruhina to narusasu and that’s SERIOUS STUFF


  4. KK

    I loved kristine’s ans! I feel juvia deserves love n lyon gives it 2 her! as much as i luv gruvia,it has 2 be lyon! As for gray i think he’ll end up wid sugarboy*spicy* 😀


  5. Faye :)

    I think that Juvia and Gray should be together. In both the anime and manga Gray has started to discover his feelings for Juvia (he even blushed when Erza was talking about Juvia). And when Gray supposedly died he was just about to say something to Juvia but then when Ultear saved him he forgot about Juvia (which I thought was very sad). They might get together I don’t know but i’m hoping that there will be a lot or rivalry between Gray and Lyon.(maybe a big fight or something)


  6. Gray12345678910

    Ok so sadly I haven’t got far enough in series to know who juvia Is and I’m just at the part of guluna island. Well not knowing who juvia is is kind not true I’ve read so much about her and stuff online so I have three opinions.

    1.juvia is still in love with gray but is tired of waiting for him so she pretends to like Lyon.then gray gets jealous and challenges Lyon to a fight. In the fight lyon asked why gray even cares and then gray says because I love juvia and then juvia steps in punches Lyon in the face and says to gray YOU DO CARE (?=juvia , ?/? =gray)
    So in the end gray and juvia are together and Lyons is lonely and sad all thanks to this event that was all planed out by juvia in her most determined effort to get gray to show his feelings

    2. I think the juvia should start to fall for Lyon but still love gray. Gray is still not showing affection for her but then Lyon starts to make a move on her and gray gets angry so he try’s to make a move also but Lyon makes a better move first and juvia likes him but gray and Lyon get in a fight with magic and stuff. And seeing how much gray cares juvia falls in love with him again living Lyon sad and lonely again.( again as in also the last idea of mine)

    3. Lyon should make a move on juvia but then juiva should lean in for a Kiss but instead punch him in the face and ask gray out. Gray will say yes seeing how kind she is and how she punch Lyon in the face leaving Lyon lonely yet again( as in the other ideas of my )

    And I’m sorry if this dose not make seance or Match what gray , Lyon , and juvia would do In real life but again I have not gotten that far in fairy tail.


  7. Jane

    Gray has always loved & cared for Juvia. Lets face it -.- she is his favorite stalker. No one gives a crap for Gray.. and he loves her for being all over that. (lol)

    Anddd He likes it.

    Otherwise why isn’t he avoiding the creepy obsessive chick thats always all over him!? I don’t hear him objecting to the way she calls him her “Beloved”!

    He knew from the start that Juvia was for him. But he doesn’t need to be in a romantic relationship. Because they are both young wizards that need to protect their guild and each other. And JUST BECAUSE Juvia isn’t going anywhere: Gray still isn’t claiming her! Noooo. But like I said, its also not their time.
    (But oh ma gerd its so cute to think that Gray knows that he was fortunate to have found his forever one and only- and are living their dreams together in the same guild. Like oh my gosh!)

    So when they figure themselves out.. and Gray can finally take his girl and get settled down.. They are so going to the most beautiful couple for the next generation of Fairy Tail.

    Like just saying =3


    1. Jane

      Oh and its funny how I didn’t mention Lyon in the slightest bit. I didnt give him a channcee. But he cute and he’ll find someone else. 🙂

      Someone get him a girlfriend. Because he’s like 7 years older than Gray for those of you who know. And he deserves love! -hahaah no pun intended =3 –


      1. Sunite

        Loool, Lyon is stronger than Gray, it’s just that sometimes Gray has the upper hand and never gives up. And I do want Juvia and Gray to end up together. It’s just better overall lol.


  8. GruviaForLife

    I think Gray and Juvia will become a couple I hate the idea of Lyon and Juvia even the thought of Lyon and Juvia together makes me angry. I really hope in the end Gray and Juvia become a couple! Gruvia!


  9. Lyvia&GajevyFTW

    I ship Lyon and Juvia all the way Lyvia FTW them and Gajevy are my TTPs (Two True Pairings) yep I TTP not OTP. I don’t understand why people like Gruvia so much. It is always cuter in a show when the guy chases the girl not the girl chasing the guy. It makes the girl seem THIRSTY when she chases the guy. Lyon obviously loves Juvia and Gray doesn’t. And don’t say Gray is accumulating feelings for her and she just needs to push more. If he truly loved her she shouldn’t have to push. You shouldn’t force some one to love you. Even if Juvia isn’t in love with Lyon we all saw that blush she had after he froze and shattered Sugar boy’s goo. She obviously has some sort of feelings, no matter how diminutive they are she has them somewhere in her Gray loving heart. And I don’t understand how you think her stalking Gray is cute. She should be with Lyon he would treat her like a queen. Even if Gray is starting to develop feelings sooner or later he will go back to plain old Gray and trust me I see Lyon and her having a moment later on in Fairy Tail. Even if she still loves Gray her and Lyon will have that moment. Even if the moment isn’t canon because it’s a filler arc the moment will happen and when it does her feelings for him will grow even if they only grow a little bit they will grow. I will always ship Lyvia no matter what. Lyvia FTW. Lyon deserves to get the girl he fell in love with at first sight and Juvia deserves someone that loved from the start and will treat her like a queen everyday of her life.


  10. Mike

    I say Lyon at least SHOULD end up with Juvia. While she may love Gray at the present, it’s pretty obvious that the feeling isn’t reciprocated, and besides, their personalities clash so much that it probably wouldn’t work out anyway. Lyon, on the other hand, has always been there for Juvia, showering her with affection, and they seem like they would get along very well together if they ever were to start dating.


  11. Marie

    Juvia should be with Lyon. They are so similar, like when they see the person they love they both act the same way and express it the same way. They act very similar in other ways too not just romantically. They seem practically made for each other. Gray seems annoyed with her but puts up with her out if pitty and because they’re guild mates. Honestly I see Gray being asexual/aromantic currently.


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