Win a Naruto T-Shirt Winner – Daily Anime Art Competition

It’s been a full week and the time has finally come! The winner of the fantastic Naruto T-Shirt will be decided within this post! All of you have done a great job to participate, and I wish I could give you something, but there can only be one winner!

All the participants have done a fantastic job of participating in the blog as well as take part in the other social networks. Before I tell you who the winner is, let me tell you that if your disappointed, don’t be because I’m likely to do another competition soon to win something else, could be even better!

The winner is:

You’ve done such an awesome job and it’s awesome to see that you’ve participated here! So I will be contacting you via your personal email used here to inform you how you’ll be receiving your winning Naruto T-Shirt and all the details I will need for you to get it! 😀 Congrats!

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