Fire Dragon’s Kiss – Natsu and Lucy

Since the start of Fairy Tail, we’ve always known that something between Natsu and Lucy could develop. There’s always been a watch this space sign there for both of these. But when the story of Natsu and Lisanna was introduced to us, we though differently as Natsu would automatically direct himself to Lisanna, but could that happen?

Recently, well always, we’ve seen Natsu get very protective when it comes to Lucy, she’s always been saved by Natsu and Natsu himself may have some feelings for her. So do you think it’s possible for Natsu and Lucy to have a relationship or will Natsu just stick with his childhood marriage with Lisanna?

The fantastic image was drawn by MuninniguH, she particularly added the tails and wings because she felt that 1) they’re cool, and 2) She kinda have a fanfic idea stuck in her head that has to do with dragon slayers being able to turn into dragons. Or dragons turning into people.

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  1. Emma

    I can’t Imaging them getting together and also remember that time Lisanna said be there for Natsu (that’s what she said to Lucy..)


    1. Sunite

      Yeah thats true because Natsu and Lucy seem to be more best friends, he’s trapped in the friends zone lol. However with Lisanna, Natsu seems to really like her, even before, they seem like a better couple to me 😛


      1. Chelsea

        I know Natsu had feelings for Lisanna before but, that’s all in the pass… he’s starting to have feelings for Lucy in the present episodes…


        1. Chelsea

          So there will be no disagreement between Nalu and Nali let’s just ask Hiro Mashima-sama (author of Fairy Tail)… the show won’t end until the author dies… 😉


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