Fairy Tail Manga Ends in 10 Chapters

If you already didn’t know, Fairy Tail manga is ending. in the latest Fairy Tail 536 chapter, we saw a note mentioning that there are 10 chapters left. Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine revealed this alongside Hiro Mashima on Wednesday. This could mean that Fairy Tail 546 will be its final chapter.

Furthermore, the 61st compiled revealed that Mashima will be ending the series in the next two volumes, meaning that 63rd Volume will be Fairy Tail’s last volume. Hiro Mashima revealed that he plans to start working on his new stories soon, and it excited about that as he’d like to tell a new story with a whole load of new characters.

So what are your opinions on this? Go ahead and comment down below and let us know what you think. Also be sure to share and tell others that Fairy Tail is close to an end, and that it’s highly likely that it’ll be Fairy Tail 546 which is would be the final chapter.

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  1. Rocco B

    It will be very hard for the next story, big shoes to fill in from the juggernaught known as FT. Think HP and Rowling. Rowling tried an adult book, it went nowhere. Whilst Mashima has done other works, in terms of being marketable and just the sheer size of FT. It will pale in comparison. Many don’t know that rave master is the basis for FT in the first place. It will be interesting and nice that Mashima wants to make a new story / manga. As it will be interesting as to how much influnece his past works will have on it. Also his new characters.


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