Dragon Slayer Inventor! Queen Eileen – Fairy Tail 514

Fairy Tail 514 see’s Eileen talking to Erza and others and how specifically she was the Queen of her own city full of dragons. She faced a number of dragons along with those in her city but lost, thus invented the ability to mould Dragons power and humans, which invented the Dragon Slayer abilities. Natsu also gets closer to the truth within him.

Fairy Tail 514 begins as we go to the Dragnov Kingdom 400 years ago. We see that there is a war going on in the west where the dragons are eating humans. We see the dragon of virtue, Lord Belserion who has been on a mission for a while. Eileen is with the dragons along with other dragons and children playing.

Eileen and Belserion meet as he quickly tells her about the battle in the west, he mentions that it’s unforgivable and that he will protect all humans. This was just the start of the war, where it is now known as the Dragon King Festival. They are shocked that she is 400 years old, from which at that point we see that Eileen is trying to teach them something, especially about enchantments.

The war goes on, but it was not favourable to them. Belserion’s desire did not go his way, thus Eileen comes up with a way in which they can fight properly. She asks him to fight with her, she has a secret way in which he can give her his power, a way to attach it. A power with which she could fight against the evil dragons, the power of a Dragon Slayer.

Eileen reveals that she is the mother of all Dragon Slayers. Furthermore, we see a naked Lucy on top of a naked Natsu (WHYYYYY!?!) as she tries to make him open his eyes. Natsu’s consciousness see’s Gajeel and Wendy help him out as they guide him to his true self. It was said that the power of giving humans Dragons abilities was a success, but it caused a lot of problems within humans, as they got angry or weren’t able to handle the power.

Before that, we see that Eileen’s face and body already showing signs that she was already transforming into a dragon herself. The irreversible transformation into a dragon, more specifically. At that point, Eileen has already got Erza growing within her. Fairy Tail 514 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, but the bit with Lucy was unnecessary, nevertheless, it seems like Eileen’s secrets are somehow spilling, even if she a strong, she will somehow manage to show some sort of weakness and lose to Erza. Nevertheless, next week’s Fairy Tail 515, titled “I am you… You are me” points to some sort of chapter, potentially based on Natsu.

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    I have to give Hiro credit, on how he has quickly made Irene a very important role in Fairy Tail being the creator of Dragon Slayer Magic, and how their was more of a reason why Irene wanted to fight Acnologia, than just fighting him to test herself.

    Side note, I agree was that NaLu scene really necessary????? Hiro does go too far with these scenes, even if they are used for comedy scenes, know your limit man.

    I’m sure Erza will be able be beat Irene, but I hope their will be logic around it, all and all I’m glad that Hiro has Wendy with her, its his way of saying that Irene is someone Erza can not beat alone.



    However this does prove something to me, the Spriggan 12, aren’t really evil, just because they are the bad guys, that doesn’t always make them evil. Some of them are jerks and arrogant, but not evil their personality’s are not different from Lyon, Jellal, Ul, Orocian Seis and Sabertooth in the past:

    – August: It already has been establish he is gentle and honorable old guy, as he is loyal to his comrades, and doesn’t take any pleasure in any needless violence, nor was he affected by Laracde’s magic shown he does not give into temptations.
    – Brandish: We already know that well enough, she got to know Fairy Tail more, and she doesn’t wish to fight them, probably trying to honor her mothers last wish of hoping her Lucy would be friends.
    – Dimaria: While she does have a strange way of showing it she does really care about Brandish, she felt guilty of insulting her about her capture after her own capture and gave her a genuine sorry hug. She may have cut her down, but it wasn’t unreasonable, in her eyes Brandish is betraying their empire, which is true if you think about it, sure Brandish isn’t going to fight her empire, she just doesn’t want to fight Fairy Tail, Dimaria is just conflicted between her feelings and her loyalty to her empire. Plus, she doesn’t know the full story of what happened while Brandish was captured, she probably thinking they “brainwashed” her or something. And while she cut her down, she is still no where as bad as Brain, Zero, Zancrow and Jackel, they took joy in hurting their own comrades, Dimaria took no pleasure in it, you could tell from her face and she was crying afterwards, and she wasn’t angry seeing Brandish was still alive just sad, looking like Brandish would never forgive her.
    – Jacob: He is loyal to his comrades, as he was going to try to avenge God Serena for trying to kill Acnologia. Then again when he freed Brandish from killing her with his magic along with Fairy Tail.
    – Ajeel: He is arrogant sadistic asshole, that is true, but there is a difference between being evil and being an asshole. I don’t like him, but to me his attitude is no different to the majority of Sabertooth and Oración Seis when they were first introduced, maybe a bit more arrogant than most, but still no different. (Let see how his relationship between his grandad Yajeel is, since his grandad cares about him)
    – Neinhart: Same as Ajeel, but an even more bigger more asshole. He mocks his comrades for his defeat and doesn’t mind getting them hurt in the process. However even he was shocked that Irene would want Erza killed, knowing she is related to her in some way. (Asshole yes, but don’t know about fully 100% evil).
    – Invel: He is cold, emotionless, remorseless bastard, that suits him due to his whole Ice Magic, Hiro wanted him to be a person whose heart is as cold as ice, as he had Juvia and Gray fight each other to the death. But there is a difference, between forcing two people who care about each other fighting each other, out of sick sadistic pleasure and doing so to achieve a goal. In this case, he had done so to make a Gray strong enough to be absorb from the darkness of his Devil Slayer magic, not for his sake, but for Zeref’s. I’m not justifying his actions, as what he did was extreme, and had he got what was coming to him, but I wouldn’t say he is 100% evil, as did it out of Zeref’s goal.
    – Laracde: He has shown to be loyal to his comrades, as he saved Dimaria and believes that friendship is important. And due to his childhood of Zeref unable to give him love, due to his curse, his mind is in a very unstable state, so he has a really tragic background.
    – Irene: She has shown she used to be a very gentle caring person like Erza, but something happened to Irene that made her change, maybe the ongoing war or effect of the Dragon Seed.

    (Interesting enough the three members that have killed, are the only ones you would really call evil, well Bloodman and Wall case. Bloodman was a demon so it was straight forward, and Wall was a walking arrogant machine, so its no big issue if their alive or not. God Serena betrayed his homeland without any remorse, maybe to kill Acnologia but still he did it a real ass-hole way.)

    Which kind of fits, as even Spriggan, aka Zeref isn’t fully evil, as we already know due his tragic past thanks to his curse. And the way he was curse, was done in a real jerk-ass way. If he done some rituals like in Fullmetal Alchemist or going through some ancient forbidden book or other items, than he would have brought upon himself, but instead he was cursed for just “thinking” of ways to bring his brother back, now that was too far.

    Even TV Tropes agrees with me, the Empire goes under A Lighter Shade of Black Trope, it agrees that their fully evil (I love TV Trope, it makes things a lot more clearer).


  3. dreager1

    Well, I’m finally caught up with the series! It’s still a shame that there’s so much fanservice since it destroys what would otherwise be a fantastic story. Without the fanservice this would be an easy 9/10 title for me. With it….it dips to around a 1-2. It’s the kind of series that I’m gonna ride to the end for the fight scenes and the characters, but I couldn’t really recommend it to anyone. Gray’s still the best character though!

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