Watch My Hero Academia (Anime)

It’s time to feature another great anime, this time we talk a little about My Hero Academia or rather Boku no Hero Academia. We follow the story of Izuku Midoriya. Izuku wants to become a superhero, he looks up to the best superhero known as All Might, when he meets him, he asks if he can become a superhero without “Quirks”, which is a unique superpower which develops in childhood.

My Hero Academia Poster

Izuku applies and gets into the Hero Academia but has no powers until All Might helps him, he quickly begins to transforms into someone begins to get super power abilities. He craves to become a superpower and thus fights with all his got. Initially, I thought this might be another anime which puts the main hero in an disadvantage, and somehow gets through tough times to get what he wants, and guess what? It’s exactly that.

The premise of the story is intriguing, I’ve heard a lot about the show, and the fact that there is an ongoing manga for it is great. I’ll definitely be watching My Hero Academia, keep an eye out on how it goes. Nevertheless, if you like this the way it’s set out, go ahead and watch it using the links below.

Watch My Hero Academia (ENG SUB)

I think that this anime might get more seasons down the line as it seems like a good show to watch. Nevertheless, if you’ve already been watching the show, or plan on it soon. Go ahead and tell me what you think using the comment section below.

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  1. dreager1

    This is a show that I’ve definitely heard a lot about. Everyone is really enjoying it so far and it definitely seems like a winner. The show looks like a blast and I’m hoping that this could be the next Naruto/Bleach that will run for years and years.


    1. Sunite

      I’ve that it might be running for a long time to come. The manga is at 88, so it might take a while till we actually get there. I wouldn’t mind this being the next in the “Big” anime list. Seems like it might have endless possibilities when it comes to enemies and heroes to explore etc.


        1. Sunite

          Ah yeah, never noticed it in that way but definitely looks like it could be a superhero story. There has been a lot of superhero stuff going around. With Marvel and DC movies/shows worldwide, and now even Japan with shows like One Punch Man and Hero Academia


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