Super Normal Punch – Saitama

One Punch Man, possibly one of the best anime’s this season. Saitama, any enemy he hits just once turns into nothing but mush. Possibly one of the strongest members of the Hero Association, he can punch any enemy once and instantly kill them, with his strength and speed, he’s taken Genos as his apprentice to teach him a few things. As this fantastic artwork shows, he’s power deserves more recognition.

Super Normal Punch Saitama by Artgerm

As smooth as Saitama’s head is, his power has no limit, he’s capable of battling so many enemies that it’s frightening. This amazing artwork was done by Artgerm, who is very popular, he has some really amazing artwork based on many different anime, games and other media. Check them out, otherwise be sure to go on ahead and share this fantastic artwork with other fans of the show.

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