Natsu vs Zeref! Beloved Brothers – Fairy Tail 464

Fairy Tail 464 see’s the start and potential end of Natsu vs Zeref as it seems that using Natsu’s Blaze Dragon King Mode, and by revealing his arm, it seems that he’s been able to destroy Zeref with that attack. But is he really dead? Zeref wishes for death, to finally be able to pass on and sleep internally. Can he get it here?

Fairy Tail 464 begins as Natsu vs Zeref quickly begins. Invel knows the true identity of Spriggan as Zeref, the dark mage. Zeref asks everyone to fall back, Natsu tells Happy to fall back too. Happy notices that he’s planning on using “that” of the bat. Zeref tells everyone to heart west a few kilometers, and that this is a personal fight that only they can fight.

Natsu tells Zeref that he isn’t handing over the first, when Zeref tells him that this has only happened because he wasn’t able to destroy him. Natsu doesn’t understand why he says such things, this is when he takes off the bandages to reveal Natsu has a tattoo of a dragon on his arm.

The power radiates heat from Natsu, even Zeref can feel it. Natsu quickly goes on ahead and punches Zeref with his left arm, then a right hood bashes him down a long way out. He releases a black arm of dark magic but Natsu’s right arm takes care of it as he incinerated Zeref’s magic.

Out of nowhere, Natsu gets closer and hits many many more times, this time with a very powerful attack which destroys a lot out of the earth beneath them. Natsu smashes Zeref back with all his might, he’s taking it all seriously. However, Zeref attacks back, then both go head to head in high speed.

Zeref mentions that he’s surprised, asking what his power is. Natsu mentions that he obtained this power from Igneel, the last of the power that Igneel left behind inside of him, it took him 10 months of training to be able to unleash this power. The last of Igneel’s power Zeref mentions.

Natsu mentions that this is a one time deal only, once he uses this power, it won’t regenerate, this power truly is Igneel’s undying tenacity. Zeref realises that power granted from the dead, if that’s the case, it may just be able to destroy one who has become immortal.

Natsu transforms into his Blaze Dragon King Mode, he unleashes it as fire engulfs the surrounding area in which they’re in. Zeref is shocked, Natsu mentions that he’s ending this right now. Zeref realises that this might be his last moment, thus he begins to thank for his wish being granted, Igneel, Anna, Layla, Mavis and Natsu, his young brother. Fairy Tail 464 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, can’t believe that Natsu delivered such a huge and powerful attack. What could have happened here. If Zeref isn’t going to die now, he most likely will never die. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 465, titled “400 Years”, it’ll be awesome, can’t wait!

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  1. rise

    so is this power just from igneel himself, or if natsu uses it, he’ll have a power down?
    Also, form natsu dragonize form from the movie poster, he still have his right arm bandage up, so I wonder if it’s related somehow


  2. Michael Huit

    My biggest question is; what connection does Zeref have to Layla? Who exactly is Anna (though this may have already been answered). Layla has shown to be affiliated with at least one of the twelve spriggans, but this shows that Layla has directly come into contact with, and known a lot about, Layla. Why did she die the same year the dragons did? What happened between them? Why did Layla leave? Does Mavis know anything about Layla?
    So many loose ends… wonder how it’ll be tied up, with Zeref dead.


  3. A.s. Kartik

    i have a question: only the power granted from dead can kill the immortal, that means even gray can kill zeref right? as his powers are also given from his dad (silver), who is already dead but brought to life by necromancer.
    And also about that natsu dragonise thing, i think natsu is going to defeat acknologia in that movie, which is an incident i believe is going to happen before natsu defeats zeref (otherwise it will be a troll :D). may be natsu will not kill zeref after listening “my younger brother, natsu” statement. well who knws whats gonna happen next 😛


  4. Acnologia

    I don’t think of zeref dying just yet … And this attack, may be it will take a toll out of natsu … When natsu will be all out of magic that’s when he’ll enter his etherious form …. Well,, it’s just my thought…


  5. Matt

    Mashima would be the ultimate troll if he killed Zeref early… We don’t even know the rest of the Spriggan 12.
    I feel like Natsu and Gray would have an epic battle once Gray finds out Natsu’s identity as E.N.D.
    I also hope they would join forces to be their main enemy (but that would be too alike with Naruto’s ending)

    And what about Jellal and Gildarts? Where they at when the the fate of the continent is in danger?! Too many questions.


  6. Bridget

    Wow wow wait there’s a movie about this coming out!!! I want to see that.
    So if Natsu kills Zeref, Natsu will die because when Zeref punched a hole in that book it hurt Natsu . So if he really kills Zeref is he gonna die as well and what about the other dragon slayers how will this affect them?🤔


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