Silver Fullbuster! Deliora Returns – Fairy Tail 251

Fairy Tail 251 see’s the fight between Sting and Rogue versus Mard Geer, while Natsu, Juvia and Gajeel all battle against members of Tartarus. All while Gray finally finds out who Silver is, or rather Silver Fullbuster who is Gray’s father. We are shocked to see Deliora’s return as Silver is in fact Deliora in a human form.

Fairy Tail 251 begins with Sting and Rogue arriving to bring Minerva back to her guild once more. While Mard Geer mentions that it’s no where near finished as there are many more Face weapons left to be activated. He explains that an hour from then, Face will get activated.

Natsu fights against Tempesta who begins to have more and more trouble as they begin to fight against them. Both Gajeel and Juvia are also having trouble against Torafusa and Keyes. Lucy wants to help but she’s unable to help. Mard explains that the chairman who has died had the ability to control the Face weapon remotely, however they can use their own necromancer in order to control the dead.

Sting and Rogue both attack giving Erza and Minerva the ability to escape. They both fight against Mard but are unable to do anything as Mard is just way too strong for them to go up against. Both of them come back telling Mard that he doesn’t like him hurting his comrade.

Both Gajeel and Natsu bump into each other when Torafusa attacks them both, however next up they go on ahead and attack. Keyes, who is the necromancer mentions a tale, as Juvia senses something wrong. Gray asks Silver who he is, and why he’s bought him there.

He tells him that he knows him all to well. Gray knows Silver too, his voice and face, however he himself doesn’t believe it. Silver mentions that he is his father. However, Gray mentions that his father is dead by the hands of Deliora. Silver mentions his full name, Gray doesn’t believe it as he recklessly attacks.

Gray laughs at him as he mentions that his story is a lot more complicated, and that both have been destined to fight. All while Natsu and Gajeel try to use their strengths but fails. Lucy tries to get up but is quickly told to rest. Both Gajeel and Natsu can smell Sting and Rogue fighting against Mard Geer.

Elsewhere we see Erza and Minerva trying to find the central room to control Face, however Minerva keeps on mentioning that she should just be left behind after all her injuries and whatever she’s done. However, Erza tells her that she needs to start over. Lily and Happy appear.

Minerva notices the mushroom on top of Happy’s head when she quickly removes it to be revealed as Franmalth, they presume that he will guide them to the control room. Gray and Silver keep on clashing. He mentions that he is nothing but a vessel and that Tartarus is nothing but demons.

He has taken a human form from the corpses that were left behind. He has waited so long for this day to come, the day when he can kill Ur’s disciple. He reveals his true name to be Deliora. It seems that it’s consciousness has transferred into the body of Silver. Juvia can feel something wrong from every hit she has against Keyes.

He goes onto mentioning that Gray has an interesting story here, Deliora stole everything from him, and now the true battle begins for him as he faces his biggest opponent in the next fight. Fairy Tail 251 ends with Gray vs Silver.

A pretty episode, not as exciting as it was in the manga, but good enough to still keep watching. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 252, titled “Gray vs Silver” as we see the battle between father and son continue. Also lots of surprises are still left here.

What do you think?

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