A Tale of Love – Gajeel and Levy

Gajeel and Levy, a couple yet to blossom with love yet fans side their story over the rest as being the best love story ever told. This artist loves them, so much so it’s the second time being featured here (first), with the amazing story telling she has done within the artwork posted below, check it out.

Gajeel and Levy Gajeel and Levy Gajeel and Levy

This little story follows on how Gajeel never once loved himself, and that he was probably told to love someone else, they need to love themselves. However, from his own experience, he does not love himself yet he’s found himself loving someone else, Levy. This love allowed him to forget what hating himself felt like. A tragic yet wonderful story showing the love Gajeel has for Levy.

This fantastic piece of artwork was drawn by rboz, who absolutely loves Gajeel and Levy. She has some amazing fan art on her own tumblr page, as well as some interesting question and answers based on the series. If you like her work, check her out, otherwise go on ahead to share this fantastic piece of fan art to your favorite websites and social. Also be sure to comment down below telling me how you feel about it.

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