Gajeel and Levy’s Aftermath – Fairy Tail 443 (Fanmade)

Fairy Tail 443 originally looked into the stories of how Brandish put the whole village she was on into the sea by changing it’s typography while Natsu got Erza and Lucy back. While Gajeel and Levy both had a pretty funny encounter as Juvia’s Karma put them together in an embarrassing moment when he fell on her in the hot springs while being naked, this story continues in the images below.

Gajeel and Levy 1 Gajeel and Levy 2 Gajeel and Levy 3 Gajeel and Levy 4 Gajeel and Levy 5 Gajeel and Levy 6 Gajeel and Levy 7

This story continues on as Levy rethinks about the moment he was on top of her, she gets all embarrassed and tries to forget it. He appears next to her as she tries to give her a coffee can, she shreacks as she realises that Gajeel is right there. Moments later, he realizes that he should apologizes which he gracefully does.

She also notices that he’s just being nice, she takes the can and asks for him to sit down next to her, and that they should talk for a bit. He does this as he thinks that as long as she’s smiles, he’ll also be happy. He asks if everything is cool between them.

She says maybe, and that she might need to be spoiled by her more. He takes this opportunity to ask if she wants to take a dip together in private this time. She quickly mentions that it isn’t what she meant. He laughs and mentions that he had to try. This cute fan made chapter ends here.

So what do you think? Pretty cute right? A fan made extra to this chapter is definitely awesome to see, it was created by rboz, who posted it on their tumblr page. If you like this, go check them out, otherwise share it and comment down below telling us what you thought.

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      1. Daisy

        Im new to all of this and I have instantly fell inlove with levy and gajeel and I was wondering is there a book just for them with out all the other charters in fairy tails or are they just in that story I also wanted to ask if so where can I purchase these books with just levy and gajeel or even better the fairy tails books.


        1. Sunite

          As far as I know, there isnt Gajeel and Levy only special chapters or story. This was a fan made story from the artist mentioned above. I think if you liked the story between Gajeel and Levy, I think you can check the artists page, they have a number of great art between those two. I’m sure you’ll like it 🙂 hope that helps


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