A World In Conflict – Bleach and World of Warcraft Crossover

A world in grief and conflict as one leader tries to rule over all lands across every nation. A few heroes step into the light as they begin their journey to climb and defeat the evil ruler, Yhwach. This fantastic crossover see’s Tier Harribel, Ichigo Kurosaki and Shunsui Kyoraku from the anime Bleach while having some characters from the Tauren Marine (Starcraft).

A World in Conflict Crossover Bleach and World of Warcraft by JorschIf you recognize any of these character, go on ahead and comment down below telling us if you also watch and play Bleach and World of Warcraft. Also be sure to share this page to whomever will find it useful, as well as to your favourite social networks. This fantastic fan art was created by Jorsch who you should definitely check out, they are fantastically talented.

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      1. Nick Dunn

        Ya you should! Or look it up on YouTube. The Heat the soul series is for psp. The story mode follows from the first arc to the Arrancar Arc. I believe they are making a new heat the soul for the Fullbringers and add more filler characters. Going Bankai is awesome. Its pretty much the power up.


  1. Crimson Kinghgf

    This is going to be a game??? It seems like an odd mix. I have never played a Bleach game either. My son has all the Naruto games and that J-Star Victory VS, which is totally a button masher. Can’t say I care for Naruto or J Stars or any fighting games outside of MK, SF, Tekken or Injustice.


    1. Sunite

      No no, its just a piece of fan art that puts together the world’s of WoW and Bleach into one. Totally agree on J-Star Victory VS being a button smasher, I’ve seen some YouTube videos on the game, seems really good though. Also gotta agree on MK, Tekken etc are brilliant and fantastic games, especially the fatalities.


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