Madara vs Guy! Hagoromo Otsutsuki – Naruto Shippuden 420

Naruto Shippuden 420 (blaze up) see’s the continuation of Madara vs Guy, as Guy releases his full potential with his Evening Elephant crushing all moves and defenses Madara has to offer, all while Madara not quite fighting back. At the same time, Naruto wakes up to a stranged named Hagoromo Otsutsuki revealing to him that he is his son’s, Ashura, incarnation.

Naruto Shippuden 420 see’s battle between Guy and Madara continue as Guy hits Madara with such a force called his First Step that it pushes Madara all the way down beneath the floor. Guy goes to do his Second Step but fails after feeling his cracked leg and it’s pain.

Madara wakes up and goes all the way back up from the hole, we see Madara mentioning that he’ll fight him for sure. All while Kakashi explains to Gaara what his Eight Formation is, it gives him power stronger than all Kage’s for a short while. All while Gaara jumps towards Madara in order to spin around him.

Minato and others come up with a plan to remove the balls surrounding Madara, to which they have a quick plan together in order to do so, all while Lee enables his Sixth Eight, to which Minato gets him ramped up to help Guy.

Guy goes on attack and does his First Step, then moves on and sends out his seconds and third, to which Madara blocks himself. All while, Lee sends Minato’s kunai, then jumps there and jumps back elsewhere after Madara’s balls touches his body. Kakashi shows up and removes a part of the shield within him, then Guy quickly punches through his back hurting him badly.

We now see Naruto wake up in his inner world when he meets Hagoromo Otsutsuki who annoys Naruto for a while until he’s able to properly understand him properly. Hagoromo explains that he’s not alive, he’s a chakra which has been passed through for centuries.

Hagoromo explains to Naruto about his mother and son. He is also known as the Sage of Six Paths by many, the man who created Ninshu. Hagoromo explains to Naruto that he is his son Ashura. He then talks about his mother who is Kaguya Otsutsuki, she ate a fruit from the divine tree and gain extreme power.

She was known as the Rabbit Goddess, both loved and feared. She gave birth to two sons, both of them were to atone for the crimes Kaguya left behind. To battle the Ten Tails and the Divine Tree, it was their duty to seal it inside himself. The Tree who was robbed of its chakra went on a rampage in an attempt to recover it.

Much later Hagoromo had two sons of his own, Indra and Ashura. He thought then Ninshu, both were greatly different, one possessed genes containing his powerful chakra while the other did not have anything. Indra was the one with nothing. He explains no matter how exceptional both parents may be, it may not be inherited by the child. Very similar to Naruto’s story.

Both Ashura and Naruto’s paths are different. Indra took a quite and more secluded route where he only believed in his power while Ashura was weak but took up the power of others in order to make his great, very similar to that of Ashura. In turn Hagoromo gave Ninshu to Ashura as well as to split the Ten Tails into 9 separate tails.

He learnt that cooperation was the true power here, he thought Indra would cooperate but it didn’t turn out like this. They had fought, and every generation past has always been in conflict, and even now we see Naruto as Ashura, he is the incarnation of Ashura as explained by Hagoromo. Naruto Shippuden 420 ends here.

A brilliant episode and a grand reveal to something even more awesome. This battle is about to expand to even more corners of the world. And something really unexpected is about to arrive, can’t wait to see next week’s Naruto Shippuden 421, titled “The Sage of Six Paths”, when Guy battles on against Madara while Naruto learns more from Hagoromo.

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