New Anime’s Arriving Summer 2015

So summer is right around the corner, and so are many new fantastic anime’s coming up very soon, some of which include the latest Dragon Ball series “Super” while others include new anime names such as “God Eater”, there are a ton of new ones coming soon for all your Otaku needs, just read on and look at the image below.

Summer 2015 Anime Chart v1

Go ahead and click the image to make it bigger, there is a list of new and amazing looking movies and such coming to the big screen in Japan such as Boruto: Naruto the Movie. If you find this useful, be sure to share it with your friends and fellow otaku’s.

Source: NG

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      1. trinin ninja

        hey Sunite. Its good to hear from you. How was your finals? as for me, i got 98/100! I cant wait fir the dragon ball series. I hear its continuing from buu saga.


        1. Sunite

          Hey there Ninja, I’ve actually not finished all of them yet. My last exam is on Tuesday, then I have my dissertation on Friday. Then I’ll be done with everything, that’s when my summer holiday begins. Then I will update all the manga and episodes that I’ve missed to write about, I will try my best to post at least once a day. And congrats on the 98%! you must be clever! DB series will be awesome, I need to begin watching the older series. I’ve not heard a lot about the new story line, hopefully it’ll be good, and Buu is awesome so I’m also waiting for that.


  1. dreager1

    All righty, Super Dragon Ball, Boruto the Film, and Pokemon look like the big 3 for me. None of the others really stand out this time. Ah well, I’ll need to wait for the Fall, but I’ve got a lot of shows to lastme until then anyway. As for Bleach coming back, I certainly don’t see that happening this year. Maybe Fall 2016 or something like that.


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