Madara’s Perfect Susanoo! Itachi Loves Sasuke – Naruto Shippuden 339

Naruto Shippuden 339 shows Madara’s crazy Perfect Susanoo to which it’s massively huge and has only been defeated by Hashirama. Itachi releases the Edo Tensei from everyone and everyone begins to glow and disappear. As Madara goes to use his Perfect Susanoo to kill the 5 Kage’s we realise that Itachi has released the Edo Tensei and his powers begin to fade, could these also be Madara’s last moments? And we also learn the real story behind Itachi and the fact that he will always love his younger brother Sasuke.

Naruto Shippuden 339 as the Madara clones begin to get a hit on the Kage’s to which they need to quickly begin to get a control of the situation. They have no power to defeat them. Even Tsunade is unable to do much. The Raikage is captured in a Sharingan to which Onoki saves him. It’s realised that Onoki is their greatest strength, even Madara realises this.

He tells all Kage’s that they promised Naruto that they’ll win, and this will be done even if they don’t win. They begin to get ready and so do the clones. We see Tsunade behind Onoki healing and giving him power. He begins by bringing out his Particle style to which it creates a large cube getting Madara’s leg.

It’s then split into two and captures Madara. From this we see Madara getting sucked in more and more to which Gaara’s sand covers him with seals. Then Onoki mentions that this is the real power of the Kage’s to which Madara see’s a chance to reveal his true strength to which he does. He brings out a large Susanoo like thing to which he then enhances it to put armor and such on there.

This form is awesome! It looks awesome and it seem that they have all lost hope after seeing his true form. The chakra on that thing is truly impressive. He brings out his sword to which he uses it and literally cuts the tops of two mountains as well as pushing the Kage’s back. They see the destruction of this sword and realise that they have no chance. He begins to walk towards them when Onoki mentions that they may be scared but they’re ready for anything he’s got.

His Susanoo can compared with the Ten Tails. Itachi hears the commands in order to stop the Edo Tensei, he tells Kabuto to begins disabling it when Sasuke begins to speak about how his memories come back whenever he’s with him. He will follow his heart even if it has to lead to destroying the village. He also mentions that because they’re brothers he won’t stop him.

The Edo Tensei is released and every Edo Tensei user begins to glow, a sign that they’re going. As Madara goes for the attack on the Kage’s we see Madara’s power go and the attack on them quickly begin to disappear, he realises that the Edo Tensei caster has been disturbed. Itachi walks towards Sasuke he mentions that he has time to tell him the truth about everything.

He shows him everything, and that what Danzo and Tobi said was correct. We see Itachi and Shisui, both best friends to which Danzo wants Shisui’s eyes, thus he gives it to Itachi for safe keeping. He wants him to protect the village. We hear from the heads of Konoha to which Danzo wants to destroy the village and Hiruzen wants to give it more time and do something about it.

Itachi and Danzo meet up after this, he mentions he could either join the Uchiha and die with everyone else or kill his own village to save his little brother. From this point on we see Itachi talk to Tobi to which he wants to propose something to him, he wants him to take care of Sasuke once he’s grown up for exchange that he’ll kill his village.

We see Itachi behind both his mother and father. They seem to understand whats going on, his father mentions for him to take care of Sasuke. To which he begins to shake, his father tells him that what he’s done, he’s always going to be proud, he is truly a kind child. To which we continue from the story where Sasuke walks in and we see it all. Itachi begins to talk towards him mentioning that he’s sorry, he gets even closer and mentions whatever happens he’s always going to love him! Naruto Shippuden 339 ends here!

What a crazy episode, with both ups and downs, it’s truly been a crazy episode full of emotion and awesomeness! I can’t wait to see next week’s episode which will see what has happened to Madara in terms of the Edo Tensei being released. I also can’t wait to see what the Kage’s will do in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 340, titled “Reanimation Jutsu: Released”.

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