Komamura’s Vengeance! Rukia and Renji – Bleach 558

Bleach 558 shows that his grandfather is happy about what he’s done, he’s made him happy. After Bambietta gets hit by her own attack move, she loses consciousness and falls somewhere else by which her friends arrive to help, or does it seem like they’re going to help. Komamura begins to turn back into his old self, losing control of the bankai as well as return of his fur when Iba shows up and tells him that he’s going to help him get his revenge on Juha Bach for Yamamoto’s death.

Bleach 558 begins as his Great-Grandfather begins by mentioning that he did well, truly representative of everything their clan stands for. At that time he can say his name proudly. We see Sajin’s Bankai close in on Bambietta to which her own attacks are brought to her to which she realises that they’re going to blow up. She flys off, unfortunately, Komamura’s Bankai begins to crack.

Sajin falls and sees that it’s too soon that he’s turning back, he just needs a little longer, he also won’t let his heart give out. He needs to make to the castle and defeat Juha Bach. At the same time, his Great-Grandfather mentions to let it go, as it the sensation he’s having now is none other than vengeance.

He remembers him telling Kaname that futile was always going to come, but is it really a bad thing. He mentions if it’s really a bad thing since it’s the driving force for a clan. It’s good to see him embracing his true essence. Finally embracing his roots. Sajin begins to turns back, he realises that this must his penance, his life as a human will soon perish and become nothing more than a beast.

When this day comes, he’s free to rage at them for such a curse and get loose in his vengeance. The reason why he lives is because he’s never let go of that rancor. He thanks Sajin for granting him some respite, so when the day comes when he becomes a voiceless beast, he shall always be in his debt.

It seems that his Great-Grandfather has eaten the heart. Sajin notices that if this is his penance, if this is his punishment for his wrong doing. He realises that this is his sacrifice for his chance at revenge, could this be the punishment he has for ignoring the advice he gave to Kaname.

Some arrives there, Iba gets there, he lifts him up and mentions for them to do this. He mentions that he’s not in the wrong, far from it. They’ll take the fight to them, they’ll beat the living shit out of Juha Bach for killing Yamamoto! Bambietta realises that she’s lost to a Shinigami, from the five, she’s the first to be taken out, this is something she won’t forget.

Her friends show up and mention that they’ll take care of her, things aren’t as lively when she’s around, Bambietta realises something bad and tells them to stop it. From the sky two fall, they can finally see Soul Society, Renji mentions that it’s no longer Soul Society but in fact the Wandenreich. Night is almost there, Rukia mentions that they need to hurry! Rukia wears a mask with only one eye seeing. Bleach 558 ends here!

What could Rukia and Renji have in store for us, could they be carrying some awesome new stuff which will blow us away? I hope it is because I can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 559, it’s most likely to be something that will show some other fights. I’m hoping for Shunsui’s fight with Haschwalth!

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  1. Senjumaru

    now bambie-chan can not fight anymore .. hahaa .. match her ​​face .. as always pretender until friend of a friend he wanted to kill him .. you feel between ichigo with Byakuya who arrive first ..?


  2. nick dunn

    I’m glad Sajin Defeated Bambietta and that she isn’t dead. But its true he basically did what Kaname did during the Winter War. Kaname wanted Revenge on Shinigami, Sajin wanted revenge on the Quincy. I get that Bambietta is pissed. She’s gonna want revenge on Sajin. Giselle wanted to save her, Candice looked disappointed, Meninas looked surprised, Liliotto doesn’t even care. And Renji and Rukia come back! I bet Renji will fight Mask De Masculine. And Rukia will fight one of Bambiettas group.


    1. Senjumaru

      yes taste is so .. Rukia will fight one of the friends bambie-chan … you think they would help him .. not feeling too confident .. bambie sorts of reasons seem afraid of what the next one will fight Giselle.bab ???? .. I think Rose will fight sternritter” U” .. Nanana .. hehehee .. you really think that one is going to fight??? you want to see.


      1. nick dunn

        Okay. Now that I look at it better, Giselle does have this freaky vibe when she said she wants to help Bambietta. Alot of people think Giselle is Stern Ritter Z The Zombie and is gonna reconstruct Bambietta. But I don’t know. I kinda think Giselle is the strongest out of the five of them. Yes hopefully they will show NaNaNa. I kinda think his Spirit Weapon my be the ten rings he wears on his fingers. Maybe…


  3. Jugram Haschwalth

    I think why bambi fear with giselle ..i guess giselle have a ability something, i dont think giselle is strongest five of them ..however haschwalth fight kyoraku i dont think so, kyoraku will fight sternritter old man glass ..im sure haschwalth will fight kenpachi ..tell me wrong


    1. Senjumaru

      why the sudden haswalth will fight Zaraki .. we do not know how the situation Zaraki?? .. I think next week will be a fight between Rose show with Nanana, sternritter” U.. or arrival Rukia and Renji … what what shall we wait for next week only


    2. nick dunn

      Well think maybe Giselle is the strongest. But you never know. And I don’t know about Jugram fighting Zaraki. I mean he couldb with just his Shikai. But when he reaches full power Jugram won’t be strong enough to fight him alone. Just like Shunsui isn’t strong enough to fight Zaraki once he learns the art of killing.


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